No meal plan? No Problem

SUNY Oswego has a food pantry on campus called Students Helping Oz Peers, or (SHOP) for short. This pantry opened in October 2016. It is located in room 3 in the basement of Penfield Library, and is available to all SUNY Oswego students, faculty and staff in need.  The shop has plenty of dry foods and canned vegetables to help college students in need. This is a great campus resource that comes in handy for those students who live off campus or have a limited meal plan. For instance, a student who lives in the village more than likely does not have a meal plan so stopping by the shop for groceries to cook in the full kitchen that comes with the perks of living in the village. The shop also has household items such as Sponges.

Not only does the shop provide you with your food needs but sanitary ones as well. The SHOP offers deodorant for both men and woman alongside female kits and mens axe spray. They also have some school supplies such as pens and notebooks.

As you can see the SHOP on campus is a one stop shop for perishables, house hold items, and some school supplies.!

Hours of operation:

Monday: 5-7pm


Wednesday: 5:30-7:30pm

Thursday: 5:30-7:30pm

Friday: 11:30-1pm

Saturday: 11-1pm

Sunday: 11:30-1:30pm

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