Writers Block

This Week @ My Mac :

I have a lot of writing to do. A lot of writing due. I’ve been twisting and turning some of these ideas in my head all week , trying to figure what exactly I want to say and how. I got one REALLY(in my humble opinion) piece done which I hope to share with everyone. That will hopefully be seen by this time next week in its respective place. As for the rest I have a smidgen of a rough draft in my cranium.  They need to be liberated! Let my mind be free! 0_0!

Ok so now that I have officially creeped you out and wasted sometime. I will go finish watching this Laker vs NY game and pretend it will result in me finishing these pieces.

I Shall Return

Psss. Hey . Hey how ya doin?

Wanna talk?

Yeah so I’m around. I’ve been writing a series of different things for your (and my) enjoyment. So I’ve been spending sometime working diligently on them, editing them, making sure they are to AP copy editor standard (JLM is my maj so I’m trying to practice), things like that. When they are complete I will post them here. That as well as the links and photos to the things outside these swanky blog walls.

A Portrait of Humanity

احد افراد القوات المسلحة يبكي امام احد المتظاهرين بعد ان هاجمهم بلطجية مبارك لما جاء الشاب وقبل قدميه ليحميهم من البلطجية ولكنه بكى لعدم تمكنه من حمايتهم ونزل على اقدام المتظاهر وقبلها #Jan25 #tm1

(the protester, they prevented an officer standing on the tank from shoot himself in tears)

طبيب:المتظاهرين قاموا بمنع ضابط يقف على دبابته من اطلاق النار على نفسه وهو مجهش بالبكاء

You know, as part of our education and I guess overall class curriculum professors encourage and even require that we read the news/current events. Until now I pretty much chalked it up to making us a more “well rounded” individual for whatever “conversation” might occur. Suddenly it dawns on me. Its less about the actual political and knowing headlines to impress. Instead its more about really understanding our connection to the rest of the world. This picture, there is no political motivation involved in this picture and maybe that’s why it stuck out to me. First of all seeing anyone cry , especially a grown man is always disturbing. However seeing soldier crying and a protester take the time to console the man from taking his own life due to the extreme circumstances he felt he was in. That’s touching. At the end of the day the same way we are all americans whether we voted for Sen. Mcain or President Obama , whether we agreed with Rep. Gibson’s stance. These men and women are still Egyptians, pro-Mubark or not. And in the end . We are all humans ; Regardless of our skin, color, nationality or even sexual orientation . Sometimes we forget , but we cant allow that. Lets not forget. Surely a picture like this can stand as great reminder.

– Picture taken from @Palaestina on twitter (http://twitpic.com/3vvqeg)

A No Snuggie Zone

I have this argument with Tumbo ALL the time. Real men don’t wear snuggies! There is just not room in distinguished men closets to hang that up!  Anyway I was in my Comm 100 and my professor wanted to make a point on rhetoric. We ended up watching Julius Caesar  and the speech by Mark Anthony after his death. So he appeared on my projector like so:

All I could think about was “snuggie snuggie snuggie”. This to me is acceptable wear. It looks distinguished! There is a nice little clasp on the right shoulder to keep things in perspective. “He’s and honorable man”.

But this…. I simply can’t get with the program on snuggies. “He was too ambitious” , it doesnt work for me.

To me a snuggie is a backwards robe as I try to explain to Tumbo , and that makes as much sense as wearing your underwear backwards.

In any event I did recover from this snuggie dilemma  to get the point of clip we were watching (hey mom I’m learning!)

Good Friends

Its no secret that life is hard. It starts off pretty rough when you really think about it, the first thing you do fresh out the womb is cry. What makes life enjoyable are those three things above though. Friends really is primary the other two come when you have close friends. It always amazes me how the worst possible situations can be made to at least be a bearable experience if not memorable “remember that time” story.

I am truly blessed because these are first hand experiences I’m speaking on. I have the best friends in the world and that’s why I’m happy so often. This weekend was more of the same. My friends came to Oswego so of course I had to show them to a good time. I was the host trying to do the most, making sure that they had as much fun as possible. The weekend was about them , but err then it wasn’t. What ended up happening was that they made my weekend.I’m so happy these dudes were here to join us and turn it up. The camaraderie , the jokes , the failed night turned into the joke of the weekend. Yeah, I’m grateful that I can say those guys as my friends. The LEAST I could do is let them know how much love I have for them. The LEAST!

-NYR Nation baby!

Why Yes! , I prefer Mr. Belle

So today I walked into class and when my professor took attendance she said ” Mr Belle”. I replied yep and went to my seat. Then I had this brilliant idea. In my head it went a little something like this.

*1st day of class roll call*

Prof: Kw-kwa- kawam (they always say wame instead of ME… wtv)

Me: Kwa-ME

Prof: ok Kwame… *notes* and is there any nickname or anything you’d rather be called?

Me: Why YES! I prefer to be called “Mr. Belle”

No, seriously though. I am going to do this it felt rather , mature and professional. When I go to class if you can have that sort of feel where you are regarded with respect it might make you feel good. I know that if I went to work at a company and they called me Mr. Belle inside I would be like (chea!!).So this is my mission to have all my professors refer to me by the said title.  I’m secretly furious that its pass the time when they ask if there is a name you’d rather go by because if I could do it over again I’d be Mr. Belle!


Don’t ask your professors to call you Mr. or Ms. anything because if they do it before my professors do I will throw a little kid tantrum.


Today is Tuesday. You know what that means! No, not the State of the U. You should watch that too, according to Q. Not to worry though I got you covered. Here are some quick bullet points of what Pres Obama will be covering in his speech. Now you can look the like the smartest and current events guru tomorrow AND get to watch and see what trouble Derwin got himself into. So just :

  • President O will call for a five-year freeze in non-security, discretionary spending (5-year spending freeze
  • This proposal is part of a larger plan to reduce the country’s deficit
  • In light of the recent tragic events in Arizona much attention will be on a more assertive bi-partisan movement . With an effort to have new focus on unity between Democrats and Republicans
  • In a huge departure from State of the Union tradition. Republicans and Democrats will sit among each other intermingled as opposed to the usual republicans on one side democrats on other.
  • One seat will remain open in honor of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Gifford
  • Lastly the main message of tonight will center around jobs,unemployment, and job growth. He will encourage to the country to rally in effort to overcome these current economical obstacles of creating jobs and revitalizing the economy. The “new sputnik” mention this for extra kudos. (Sputnik talk will be key!!!)

Mention any number of these things and you should be good. Mix it up a little bit mention some current correlations and you’ll already be the Professors new favorite. Just member who helped you get there!!

Dig it?

-Kwame K. Belle aka better than Anderson Coop.