Ugh Another Morning

I truly do. I am tempted to just stay in my warm bed and just lay there. But its only February and that’s way to early to have an absence in a class AND its a class in my major so that’s self defeating. That still doesn’t mean I don’t think about it at least once a week.

Am I the only the realizes that the best sleeps are not on the weekend or when you know there is no school. When that happens you never get that “I just wanna stay in bed all day feel” smh. Anyway time for class

-plight of a college student

A No Snuggie Zone

I have this argument with Tumbo ALL the time. Real men don’t wear snuggies! There is just not room in distinguished men closets to hang that up!  Anyway I was in my Comm 100 and my professor wanted to make a point on rhetoric. We ended up watching Julius Caesar  and the speech by Mark Anthony after his death. So he appeared on my projector like so:

All I could think about was “snuggie snuggie snuggie”. This to me is acceptable wear. It looks distinguished! There is a nice little clasp on the right shoulder to keep things in perspective. “He’s and honorable man”.

But this…. I simply can’t get with the program on snuggies. “He was too ambitious” , it doesnt work for me.

To me a snuggie is a backwards robe as I try to explain to Tumbo , and that makes as much sense as wearing your underwear backwards.

In any event I did recover from this snuggie dilemma  to get the point of clip we were watching (hey mom I’m learning!)

Why Yes! , I prefer Mr. Belle

So today I walked into class and when my professor took attendance she said ” Mr Belle”. I replied yep and went to my seat. Then I had this brilliant idea. In my head it went a little something like this.

*1st day of class roll call*

Prof: Kw-kwa- kawam (they always say wame instead of ME… wtv)

Me: Kwa-ME

Prof: ok Kwame… *notes* and is there any nickname or anything you’d rather be called?

Me: Why YES! I prefer to be called “Mr. Belle”

No, seriously though. I am going to do this it felt rather , mature and professional. When I go to class if you can have that sort of feel where you are regarded with respect it might make you feel good. I know that if I went to work at a company and they called me Mr. Belle inside I would be like (chea!!).So this is my mission to have all my professors refer to me by the said title.  I’m secretly furious that its pass the time when they ask if there is a name you’d rather go by because if I could do it over again I’d be Mr. Belle!


Don’t ask your professors to call you Mr. or Ms. anything because if they do it before my professors do I will throw a little kid tantrum.

Kia Ora Bro, This place is sweet az!

Beautiful Day in Auckland, NZ!In the Hamilton, NZ Botanical Gardens.Winter in JULY! Too bad winter here is 60 degrees and sunshine :)Tacky photo in front of the University sign!Hugging Gandalf after Caving in Waitomo, NZ.Caving in Waitomo, NZ.

Translation: “What is up brother, welcome, this is a cool island man”

Emersion in the isles of New Zealand has begun. I have 3 classes worth 12 credits back home that are more academically diverse and varied than I have ever been in. It was totally worth every minute and penny to come here and do this.

I am taking International Marketing, Advertising Branding and, and a Negotiation and Persuasion class. Honestly though, they are crazy hard and I wouldn’t recommend taking 400 level courses while abroad.

I am homesick but staying busy. Leaving America really makes you appreciate it a lot more. The political issues that they have here are overwhelming compared to America. I know we fight a lot between parties and we have plenty of issues but there are a whole lot more over here.

It is a lot of fun but the food here is really different. Everyone’s favorite thing is mince pies (mince meat in a flakey crust) but they are so weird tasting to me. The weirdest thing is that they don’t know what a biscuit is! You know hot delicious biscuits that we like to eat with strawberries and cream at the dining hall or where ever, yeah they have never heard of them. They call a store bought cookie a biscuit. It is so crazy. I am going to make my Kiwi friends biscuits though, it will be a grand adventure soon to come.

One of the worst things yet though is that one of my best friends here is from Arkansas and I picked up some of her accent, now I say “Yall”. I am forever going to be made fun of back in NY. 🙂 You got to love it though, a New Yorker gone southern in so many ways.

Check out the pictures and video and do not forget to Keep it Ozzy!