A No Snuggie Zone

I have this argument with Tumbo ALL the time. Real men don’t wear snuggies! There is just not room in distinguished men closets to hang that up!  Anyway I was in my Comm 100 and my professor wanted to make a point on rhetoric. We ended up watching Julius Caesar  and the speech by Mark Anthony after his death. So he appeared on my projector like so:

All I could think about was “snuggie snuggie snuggie”. This to me is acceptable wear. It looks distinguished! There is a nice little clasp on the right shoulder to keep things in perspective. “He’s and honorable man”.

But this…. I simply can’t get with the program on snuggies. “He was too ambitious” , it doesnt work for me.

To me a snuggie is a backwards robe as I try to explain to Tumbo , and that makes as much sense as wearing your underwear backwards.

In any event I did recover from this snuggie dilemma  to get the point of clip we were watching (hey mom I’m learning!)