A Portrait of Humanity

احد افراد القوات المسلحة يبكي امام احد المتظاهرين بعد ان هاجمهم بلطجية مبارك لما جاء الشاب وقبل قدميه ليحميهم من البلطجية ولكنه بكى لعدم تمكنه من حمايتهم ونزل على اقدام المتظاهر وقبلها #Jan25 #tm1

(the protester, they prevented an officer standing on the tank from shoot himself in tears)

طبيب:المتظاهرين قاموا بمنع ضابط يقف على دبابته من اطلاق النار على نفسه وهو مجهش بالبكاء

You know, as part of our education and I guess overall class curriculum professors encourage and even require that we read the news/current events. Until now I pretty much chalked it up to making us a more “well rounded” individual for whatever “conversation” might occur. Suddenly it dawns on me. Its less about the actual political and knowing headlines to impress. Instead its more about really understanding our connection to the rest of the world. This picture, there is no political motivation involved in this picture and maybe that’s why it stuck out to me. First of all seeing anyone cry , especially a grown man is always disturbing. However seeing soldier crying and a protester take the time to console the man from taking his own life due to the extreme circumstances he felt he was in. That’s touching. At the end of the day the same way we are all americans whether we voted for Sen. Mcain or President Obama , whether we agreed with Rep. Gibson’s stance. These men and women are still Egyptians, pro-Mubark or not. And in the end . We are all humans ; Regardless of our skin, color, nationality or even sexual orientation . Sometimes we forget , but we cant allow that. Lets not forget. Surely a picture like this can stand as great reminder.

– Picture taken from @Palaestina on twitter (http://twitpic.com/3vvqeg)

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Kwame Belle is a senior journalism major and arts management minor at SUNY Oswego. He is also a member of the Sigma Pi chapter of the National Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta.
Email: bellek109@gmail.com
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