The Gift & Curse

I don’t know how you learn from success, I haven’t mastered that part yet- Jay-Z

Ok so I thought it was just me. I feel like this is something I’ve struggled with for the longest. I have a terrible (what I believe to be) habit of easing up when the “going gets good”. To keep my foot on the pedal. This time last year I was coming off my best semester in college EVER. It didn’t come easy however. That fall semester I turned my phone off and essentially separated myself from the world. I needed to do it in order to get in to my next school, which would eventually end up being here. I did good, made myself proud and all. Problem is that following semester; I became very distracted and even slothful in my approach to my academic success. No doubt this has been on my mind all break. For every sigh of relief I take for my accomplishments this semester, they have been followed by a sense of butterflies as I remember “the spring semester”.

I’m halfway convinced that even the greats have these same struggles. How else would you explain the greatest player in the world Michael Jordan still carrying the failures of a young kid who couldn’t make the High School JV team? Not only through college but furthermore even as he became the worlds greatest basketball player (#2kjordanchallenge).

So I don’t know. Maybe the successes are great but maybe it’s the loss that preceded which keep you going. It might be that even while your winning you have to keep the humility and soberness of the painful falls to help you obtain the new level of success. I don’t know but this semester it’s my mission to find out…that and have the greatest spring semester I’ve ever lived. It’s time to break the cycle.

Soulja Boy’s Bio

“In high school, I had this black composition notebook where I used to write down a list of goals: weekly goals, monthly ones, yearly ones, and one for my whole life. In there I had: get a record deal; have a number one song; have a platinum album; get a shoe line and clothing line; invent a dance everyone would do; get my mom out the hood; even little things like get a real watch or do all my homework. One day, I left the notebook in class and this dude found it. He read it out loud in front of everybody when I wasn’t there, trying to embarrass me. Mark my words, a year later, everything in that book had come true. I got the last laugh

-Soulja Boy

( You might not like all of his music ,maybe he’s wack to you. But he DID get the last laugh on those class mates..there’s no denying that. NONE)