Today is Tuesday. You know what that means! No, not the State of the U. You should watch that too, according to Q. Not to worry though I got you covered. Here are some quick bullet points of what Pres Obama will be covering in his speech. Now you can look the like the smartest and current events guru tomorrow AND get to watch and see what trouble Derwin got himself into. So just :

  • President O will call for a five-year freeze in non-security, discretionary spending (5-year spending freeze
  • This proposal is part of a larger plan to reduce the country’s deficit
  • In light of the recent tragic events in Arizona much attention will be on a more assertive bi-partisan movement . With an effort to have new focus on unity between Democrats and Republicans
  • In a huge departure from State of the Union tradition. Republicans and Democrats will sit among each other intermingled as opposed to the usual republicans on one side democrats on other.
  • One seat will remain open in honor of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Gifford
  • Lastly the main message of tonight will center around jobs,unemployment, and job growth. He will encourage to the country to rally in effort to overcome these current economical obstacles of creating jobs and revitalizing the economy. The “new sputnik” mention this for extra kudos. (Sputnik talk will be key!!!)

Mention any number of these things and you should be good. Mix it up a little bit mention some current correlations and you’ll already be the Professors new favorite. Just member who helped you get there!!

Dig it?

-Kwame K. Belle aka better than Anderson Coop.