Why Yes! , I prefer Mr. Belle

So today I walked into class and when my professor took attendance she said ” Mr Belle”. I replied yep and went to my seat. Then I had this brilliant idea. In my head it went a little something like this.

*1st day of class roll call*

Prof: Kw-kwa- kawam (they always say wame instead of ME… wtv)

Me: Kwa-ME

Prof: ok Kwame… *notes* and is there any nickname or anything you’d rather be called?

Me: Why YES! I prefer to be called “Mr. Belle”

No, seriously though. I am going to do this it felt rather , mature and professional. When I go to class if you can have that sort of feel where you are regarded with respect it might make you feel good. I know that if I went to work at a company and they called me Mr. Belle inside I would be like (chea!!).So this is my mission to have all my professors refer to me by the said title.  I’m secretly furious that its pass the time when they ask if there is a name you’d rather go by because if I could do it over again I’d be Mr. Belle!


Don’t ask your professors to call you Mr. or Ms. anything because if they do it before my professors do I will throw a little kid tantrum.

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