Driving to long island takes a really long time

My sister goes to Utica College, she’s one of the captains of the women’s lax team there.  And I pick her up en route to home on Long Island for thanksgiving break.  Anyway she wanted to come back at like 6 in the morning sunday and instead we left at like 10 at night saturday and just drove all night bc honestly I think I’d rather drive all night and sleep in the next day, then get to bed early and wake up super duper early.  Anyone disagree?

also, i’m never going black friday/weekend shopping again.  I was assulted by a mother and her purse as I grabbed an item off of a shelf, I may be scarred for life.

the end

Vet’s Day Open House

So it’s been a busy busy time over at the admissions office as we’re prepping for an Open House this upcoming Tuesday.

Open Houses, although busy busy days, are probably one of the best ways to get a look at the school since there are very few times when you have this many administrative & academic departments all in one space making it so much easier to find answers to all those questions that everyone has, or at least I know I had while I was looking at schools.

Oswego does a fantastic job coordinating the open houses to make as many things available as possible for anyone coming to look at the school.

There will be tours of the campus, residence halls and various campus facilities as well.

Want to see what a class at SUNY Oswego is like?  There are sign ups to sit in on classes going on throughout the day.

Have specific questions for different departments or want to find things to get involved in?  There’s a mix and mingling time for 2 hours with faculty & staff from over 50 student service and academic departments, plus representatives from a number of our completely student driven clubs & organizations.

But don’t take my word for it, there’s gonna be a lot going on this upcoming tuesday you should check it out for yourself

for more info, to see the detailed program and/or to register to come here’s the link!


What I <3 about Oswego aka there’s a Concert Tonight

So one of the many things that I love about this place is it gives us the ability to do things.  As simple as it sounds, this school give us so many opportunities to do what we want to do to further our education and prep for our careers, plus all the support behind it that we could want.

For example, I want to get into event coordination (and be a rockstar) so I plan concerts for the school… so shameless plug goes here:

TONIGHT @ 7:30 in the Hewitt Union Ballroom

Ball in the House is performing, this amazing vocal group from Boston, they’ve been on national TV, they’re the makers behind the cool whip jingle (extra emphasis on the ‘h’ in whip).  If you want to check out their stuff go to www.ballinthehouse.com

and my group Still in Progress and another local band Closer still (www.myspace.com/stillinprogressband; myspace.com/closerstill), will be opening up the show

Gen Admission-$10, Students/Sr Citizens-$7

But the point of this.  A group of us really wanted to bring them to the school, talked to the music dept, artswego and campus life, and we got it off the ground.  Now having coordinated this whole event, it’s definately something I can add to my resumes, and it’s things like this that one, make this all worthwhile, and two, show me that maybe I can make it when I finally get out of here.

So many people at Open Houses!

So basically Oswego is the popular kid that everyone wants to know.  Being that I work for the Admissions Office, allow me to use this time to plug how awesome Open Houses are and if anyone wants to find out more about the 2 upcoming open houses you can go to www.oswego.edu/visit.

Any-who… on most days being on campus before the sun has fully risen does not sit well with me, there’s a certain air around those crazy long Open House days that makes it ok.  Visiting schools, at least for me, was one stressful time, I had high school, plus scared yet excited of graduation, trying to figure out where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do (still figuring that part out haha).  But looking around at the families that were visiting, I rarely saw a grimace, a look of confusion (unless they just couldn’t find that room they were looking for), just lots of smiles.  And i love that.

I think one of my greatest rewards from being a tour guide is being able to share my enthusiasm about college, and especially about Oswego, with students and families trying to make that difficult college decision.  My favorite comment of the day was when a mother came up to me (in response to another tour guide she had just delt with) and said how nice she was and how nice it was that there was such a confident and smiling face in the midst of all of the confusion that comes with deciding what college to go to.


In other news, I just bought a book… and it’s not a text book, i’m so proud of myself haha.  It’s “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”… and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Also in other news, there’s the And 1 Basketball tourny this weekend, and if anyone ever saw the show, i’m so excited to go!  (for more information, there’s flyers all over the campus center or you can check out www.oswego.edu/sapb)

Oh!  And in third news, the United Way Walk-a-thon is this Saturday (October 18), registration is at noon outside of Lanigan, and entry is only $10 per person.  It’s such a great cause and everyone should come out and help support!  Plus if you have family and/or friends coming up, it’ll be a great way to spend time with them!  Woot woot!

Did you see our big ball?

So if you hadn’t noticed, there was this huge 6 foot ball rollin around the quad all last week.  ZBT was having a fundraiser for the Golisano Children’s Hospital, collecting money and having people signing the ball to show their support.

It was covered by both the pall times and News 10 Now… but not wrvo or wtop lol.  WNYO was out there playing music from 12-4 each day to show their support too it was pretty cool.

Pall Times article:  http://www.palltimes.com/news/x359571743/Having-a-ball-doing-charity-work

News 10 Now package: http://news10now.com/Default.aspx?ArID=123731

So we wanted to try to raise at least $1000… and including the business donations we hit that mark by wednesday and kept going, we’re still working on the final count, but it’s somewhere up around 12 or 1300.  At the end of the month we’ll be taking a big cardboard check down to syracuse to present it for the final total to the Golisano Children’s Hospital, it was awesome.  If any if you had the opportunity to donate, thank you so much!

The Oswego Summers

The beauty that is the Oswego summer is something I wish we all could experience for longer than the first two weeks of the fall semester and the last .8 days of the spring semester.  It’s absolutely astounding the extreme difference between the winters and summers here.

As many of us find ourselves doing (at least once) during the long winter months, I often find myself questioning my decision to attend SUNY Oswego (although after 4 years I suppose that question is rather mute).  But then I find myself in a beautiful clear day in the middle of July with barely a cloud in the sky, able to sit on the shores of Lake Ontario waching one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen while eating an ice cold soft serve ice cream (black raspberry flavored) on a small wafer cone.  (From everyone’s favorite ice cream stand of course).

Oh Oswego Sunsets

It’s day’s like that that always remind me why I chose to come to Oswego.  Of course I wish it was like this year round… but hey the Oswego winters build character!  And if nothing else, it gives us excellent stories to share with people who have no idea what this is like 🙂