So many people at Open Houses!

So basically Oswego is the popular kid that everyone wants to know.  Being that I work for the Admissions Office, allow me to use this time to plug how awesome Open Houses are and if anyone wants to find out more about the 2 upcoming open houses you can go to

Any-who… on most days being on campus before the sun has fully risen does not sit well with me, there’s a certain air around those crazy long Open House days that makes it ok.  Visiting schools, at least for me, was one stressful time, I had high school, plus scared yet excited of graduation, trying to figure out where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do (still figuring that part out haha).  But looking around at the families that were visiting, I rarely saw a grimace, a look of confusion (unless they just couldn’t find that room they were looking for), just lots of smiles.  And i love that.

I think one of my greatest rewards from being a tour guide is being able to share my enthusiasm about college, and especially about Oswego, with students and families trying to make that difficult college decision.  My favorite comment of the day was when a mother came up to me (in response to another tour guide she had just delt with) and said how nice she was and how nice it was that there was such a confident and smiling face in the midst of all of the confusion that comes with deciding what college to go to.


In other news, I just bought a book… and it’s not a text book, i’m so proud of myself haha.  It’s “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”… and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Also in other news, there’s the And 1 Basketball tourny this weekend, and if anyone ever saw the show, i’m so excited to go!  (for more information, there’s flyers all over the campus center or you can check out

Oh!  And in third news, the United Way Walk-a-thon is this Saturday (October 18), registration is at noon outside of Lanigan, and entry is only $10 per person.  It’s such a great cause and everyone should come out and help support!  Plus if you have family and/or friends coming up, it’ll be a great way to spend time with them!  Woot woot!

5 thoughts on “So many people at Open Houses!

  1. I was at that open house!
    It was my 2nd time visting bc I was that much in love with the school the first time I wanted to show my mom and my best friend(who also fell in love after that open house also).
    I applyed early decision and was so eagar I was actually the first person in my H.S. to hand in any appss.

    all though you prob dont have any influnce on who is actually accpected you can totally feel free to mention my name several times a day and insure my accpectance…just a thought 😀

  2. hey my names kate
    i applied to oswego and i was wondering if you could tell me when we would find out if you were accepted to the college

    i fell in love with the college the first time i saw it!

  3. Kate that’s awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed your time while you were visiting our school! As far as finding out if you’re accepted or not. For all general applicants, the first set of acceptance letters went out on January 15, and from this point on, it’s just a rolling basis all based on when we recieved all of the information to make your application complete. (things like the application itself, your transcripts, letters of recommendation etc).

    So if you handed everything in already and you havn’t recieved word yet, you should hear something relatively soon. Good luck!

  4. Hey!

    I totally read that book(I hope they serve beer in Hell)! And it was awesome. But actually I think I’m like the only girl to own the book. Is that weird? I think that might be…but I hope you enjoy it!

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