The Oswego Summers

The beauty that is the Oswego summer is something I wish we all could experience for longer than the first two weeks of the fall semester and the last .8 days of the spring semester.  It’s absolutely astounding the extreme difference between the winters and summers here.

As many of us find ourselves doing (at least once) during the long winter months, I often find myself questioning my decision to attend SUNY Oswego (although after 4 years I suppose that question is rather mute).  But then I find myself in a beautiful clear day in the middle of July with barely a cloud in the sky, able to sit on the shores of Lake Ontario waching one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen while eating an ice cold soft serve ice cream (black raspberry flavored) on a small wafer cone.  (From everyone’s favorite ice cream stand of course).

Oh Oswego Sunsets

It’s day’s like that that always remind me why I chose to come to Oswego.  Of course I wish it was like this year round… but hey the Oswego winters build character!  And if nothing else, it gives us excellent stories to share with people who have no idea what this is like 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Oswego Summers

  1. I get a similar question from downstate colleagues: How can you live up there with all that snow? (They are, mind you, from communities that would be paralyzed by several inches of snow, not to be confused with Atlanta, which shuts down upon the mere sight of snowflakes, while we can shrug at a foot of overnight snowfall. But I digress.) The summers here are hard to match, the autumnal colors beautiful.

    And have we considered adding Bev’s to the campus tour?

  2. I am not looking forward to the winters here, and not even having experienced a winter here yet but instead merely hearing stories from upperclassmen and graduates and seeing videos on YouTube, I’ve already questioned my decision, but I’m sure everything else will be worth it. I hope so anyway, because I really do hate the winter as it is, and my hometown doesn’t get nearly as much snow as Oswego does.

  3. Christopher- I hope that you are not just realizing the fact that the college of your choice receives several feet of snow (it is right on the shore of a Great Lake, hence the lake effect snow). Wouldn’t it have made sense to put a little research into the climatography of the region before applying, if snowfall and winter weather (abundant in CNY/NNY) is something that could cause you to question your decision?

  4. I went to Oswego state and remained in Oswego for over 15 years working. I have other college friends who would miss the massive snow and even had one from California from a pay phone on Christmas day and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was watching the snow fall and staying warm and cozy inside. He told me that he was in shorts, no shirt and eating an ice cream cone.He then very softly asked me to send him some snow. Guess what I did. Put some fresh white stuff in a plastic Peanut butter jar,placed it in frozen ice packs and sent it to him the next day. He got it over night and stated that he froze it in his freezer and put it in a snow cone machine . He stated that was as close to Oswego snow as he would get in a very long time. I tried. Love the winter,cold etc but have the need to keep warm.

  5. Hey, you were my tour guide in the November open house so thank you for that, but just reading the other comments about the snow. I’ve lived in buffalo, NY since I’ve been one and I have found that if I go to Oswego which I plan on doing the snow is actually one of the things I’m most excited for!! Snow in buffalo is a lot like Oswego. We’re right on lake Erie and get crazy wind and massive amounts of snow about 8-9 months of the year so I’m more than used to it! I think Oswego is the right choice for me. I can’t wait!

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