What I <3 about Oswego aka there’s a Concert Tonight

So one of the many things that I love about this place is it gives us the ability to do things.  As simple as it sounds, this school give us so many opportunities to do what we want to do to further our education and prep for our careers, plus all the support behind it that we could want.

For example, I want to get into event coordination (and be a rockstar) so I plan concerts for the school… so shameless plug goes here:

TONIGHT @ 7:30 in the Hewitt Union Ballroom

Ball in the House is performing, this amazing vocal group from Boston, they’ve been on national TV, they’re the makers behind the cool whip jingle (extra emphasis on the ‘h’ in whip).  If you want to check out their stuff go to www.ballinthehouse.com

and my group Still in Progress and another local band Closer still (www.myspace.com/stillinprogressband; myspace.com/closerstill), will be opening up the show

Gen Admission-$10, Students/Sr Citizens-$7

But the point of this.  A group of us really wanted to bring them to the school, talked to the music dept, artswego and campus life, and we got it off the ground.  Now having coordinated this whole event, it’s definately something I can add to my resumes, and it’s things like this that one, make this all worthwhile, and two, show me that maybe I can make it when I finally get out of here.

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