Driving to long island takes a really long time

My sister goes to Utica College, she’s one of the captains of the women’s lax team there.  And I pick her up en route to home on Long Island for thanksgiving break.  Anyway she wanted to come back at like 6 in the morning sunday and instead we left at like 10 at night saturday and just drove all night bc honestly I think I’d rather drive all night and sleep in the next day, then get to bed early and wake up super duper early.  Anyone disagree?

also, i’m never going black friday/weekend shopping again.  I was assulted by a mother and her purse as I grabbed an item off of a shelf, I may be scarred for life.

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3 thoughts on “Driving to long island takes a really long time

  1. I would rather drive up early in the morning so I have the rest of the day. I’m from LI and that drive is longgg. Driving overnight sucks!

  2. Hey kris, I attended the open house on April 6th and you were my guide lol. I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and answering all my questions. I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) going there in the fall

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