Voting in 2020

The 2020 election will probably be the most historic and memorable election of our lifetime. I believe that everyone who can vote, should vote. This was my first opportunity to vote in a Presidential election.

Since I live in an off-campus residence in Oswego, I was not home in Buffalo to vote. I was able to send in my absentee ballot a few weeks back. Most of my housemates are from Long Island and the drive back would have been too far for them to vote, they participated in the election with their mail-in ballots too.

For most of my friends and myself, this was our first time being able to participate in a Presidential election. With the pandemic going on, mail-in voting was extremely popular and important this year. Some people chose this option just because it was safer, others chose it for convenience, some chose it for both.

It is still pretty early on Election Day, but there have already been record amounts of votes cast between the early voting option offered this election and people who were waiting at the polls before they even opened.

No matter who you voted for, your vote matters. The mail-in voting option could potentially decide this election because of the outside circumstances effecting each and every American. It is too soon in the day to tell, but there is a strong possibility we will not know who our President for the next four years is on election night.

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