Greek Life Goes Virtual

Since my second semester Freshman year, I felt as if I was very hands on within the community and on campus thanks to my sorority. Greek life is known to be very involved in giving back, it is easy for us to bring organizations together and do something good.

It also feels really good to be able to give back. I have heard a handful of stories as to how organizations choose to give back to certain non-profits because those non-profits have personally helped them at some point in their lives.

Sigma Tau Chi and Sigma Delta Tau are taking their annual ΕΔΤ with ΕΤΧ virtual this semester. This event gives back to the Ronald McDonald House which personally helped a sister when she had lost someone very close to her.

Alpha Epsilon Phi, Phi Sigma Sigma, and many other organizations created virtual fundraisers this semester and were able to gather donations by promoting the fundraisers on social media.

Greek life organizations were also able to welcome new members this semester. Even though recruiting took place online, there was no shortage in students wanting to become more involved in organizations.

A lot of things have occurred virtually rather than in person, but we wanted to make sure they still happened because they are truly milestones when joining Greek life. Events such as Bid Day and Big Little Reveal all took place over zoom. These are an important time for members to meet and bond with new members and there was no doubt in our mind that they still needed to happen.

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