As a first semester senior I am lucky enough to not have any midterms, but they are super common here at Oswego. Most of my friends are juggling turning in assignments while making sure they take their midterms at the correct time this week. From past experience, the best advice I could have is to not stress about them.

Midterms are a way of testing your knowledge of the class at the half way point of each semester. As a Public Relations major I have only ever experienced midterm exams in elective classes. I tend to be tested by my ability to write a paper and the information inside of it rather than exams.

After realizing the less I stressed about midterms, the better I did, I soon felt more comfortable and prepared for them. I spoke with some of my housemates and they agreed, as long as they laid out a proper amount of study time prior to the midterm, they felt comfortable and confident in taking the exam.

I have always been a terrible test taker and never felt is was an accurate way to judge what information I have absorbed in a class. I have always taken the optional written exams rather than a multiple choice when they are offered. I find writing to be much easier, even though it may take a little longer. If you think you are a better writer and this option is being offered to your class, I really do suggest trying it out.

Midterms tend to come up on everyone pretty quickly, professors included. The most common realization is that it’s already half way through the semester. Especially with the majority of classes online this semester, everything has been flying by. Midterms are a good way to pace yourself for the rest of the semester. Once you get your grade back, you can figure out what you need to look back on and study more for your next exam or final.

I suggest looking at midterms in a positive way to plan out the rest of the semester and to get yourself in the right mindset rather than a hard test that you don’t want to bother studying for.

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