Purchasing a laptop!

When I came to Oswego I had a newly bought laptop it was not the most expensive but it had everything a college student needed. This was the wireless internet and the convenience of having it in my room. With the money I had saved up, I bought a Google Chrome laptop which only cost $300.

Once, I started classes as an engineering major then later becoming a graphic design major this laptop was not meeting expectations for either one. My courses had programs like Adobe Photoshop and computer science software which needed to run on a more advanced laptop. The issue with having a Chrome computer only being able to download certain programs offered in the Google store.

Within the next two years, I noticed, that most everyone had an Apple computer and even in computer labs. In the computer labs as a graphic design major, Apple computers were only used. It did not matter, the consumer culture whether your social class, age, gender, household, psychographics, values, or personality almost every student had an Apple laptop. That was when I decided I had to go to Apple to get a Macintosh because I wanted to do my homework in my dorm and not have to go to a computer lab to get it done to use those programs.

For the decision-making process, I had to do my research. When making the decision I had to factor school work and extensive projects that required certain computer applications. Then came my information search I asked my friends who had Apple laptops. “What was their reasoning for an Apple laptop?” some said it’s the best in the market, never gets viruses, its popular, and colleges recommended it. After I decided that I was going to the Apple store I had my mind made up that I was going to buy the MacBook Air because at the time it was $999 and it was lightweight. That surely changed when I entered the Apple store.

The consumer culture was like no other it stuck to Apple’s true identity of being simplistic but modern. The representative then persuaded my decision asking me what my major was and how the MacBook Pro was a better fit for me. The features of the MacBook Pro are as stated by Apple, “packs more performance into a thin design, yet still provides all-day battery life — up to 10 hours for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models.” There are plenty of more fascinating features which influenced my decision and consumer behavior which ultimately made me purchase this laptop.

Unfortunately, I was persuaded by the sales representative to buy a MacBook Pro luckily I had the ability to pay $1,600 but I was leaving with Dr.Dre Beats, the newest laptop, Apple Care, and an external drive which motivated me to purchase it.

If money is an issue like most college students start with a cheaper laptop. Then save or use campus computer labs that can be accessed 24/7. Some brands that I recommend that are cheaper but just as good as Apple.
– Dell (Highly recommend) $300-1000 price ranges
– Windows $350-1000 price ranges
– HP $250-800 price ranges

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