What I am Thankful for This Holiday Season

As the holidays are quickly approaching and we all head home for Thanksgiving break, I can’t help but think about the things I am thankful for, especially the things SUNY Oswego has brought me. We all have our own personal memories and things we love about Oswego that we cherish, but I want to share mine with you guys in the spirit of the season.

The number one thing I am thankful for, by far, are the friendships and relationships SUNY Oswego has given me. Without the friendships and professional relationships I have made throughout the past two and a half years, I would not be the person I am today. We are all on our own path in life, and I believe the people we meet along the way play a part in all of our stories. I am beyond thankful for the people I have met thus far, and am looking forward to meeting new people during the time that I have left at this school.

I am also thankful for the education I am earning. Not everyone gets to attend college and earn a degree like so many of you reading this get to, and I think that is something we all often forget. We are all wrapped up in our classes, friends, and extra curricular activities. We don’t always take time to stop and think about how lucky we really are to be attending college, something that so many people can only dream of. I am extremely thankful for the education that SUNY Oswego is providing me with, and always will be.

Lastly, I am thankful for all of the beautiful sunsets I have gotten to see while attending this school. There is nothing like looking at the sky and seeing an amazing Oswego sunset, and it is something that has always brought me peace and comfort, even on the worst days. SUNY Oswego would not be the same without it’s famous sunsets.

There are many other things I am thankful for, but this is them in a nut shell. Attending college has changed who I am as a person in the best way possible, and that is something I will always be thankful for. During this holiday season, make sure you stop and think about all the things you are thankful for. Happy Holidays!

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