Study Tips

Hi everyone!! Finals week is upon us, and we all know what that means….it’s time for us to start studying. This may be the most dreaded point in the semester, but it will be worth all of your hard work once you receive your grades in a few short weeks. With that being said, here are some tips that you may find useful while trying to cram in all that studying.

1. Don’t study everything the night before! This will leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Start a few days before and break everything you need to know into sections. This is a way more effective way to learn.

2. Don’t get too comfortable! Many of us love to study from the comfort of our own bed, but that is not the best way to get a lot of work done. If we are too comfortable, our mind will go elsewhere and we won’t get as much does as we originally hoped. Get out of your bed and crack open those books!

3. Go to the library! There is one on every college campus for a reason. They are a helpful tool many people hate to use, but it is almost necessary when trying to study for finals.

4. Don’t forget to take a break! We are all swamped with work at this point in the semester, but that doesn’t mean you can constantly work without any time for yourself. It is important to set aside time to relax and do something you enjoy each day, even if that is just laying on the couch and watching TV. If we take breaks, we are more likely to come back to the tasks we have to complete more energized and ready to go.

I hope these tips help! Don’t forget to take care of yourself this week and remember, this will all be over before we know it! Good luck on finals!! 🙂

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