Fall is on Campus!

Fall has landed on SUNY Oswego’s campus and boy is it beautiful. You can feel the autumn spirit in the crisp air as soon as October hits. Temperatures are dropping, students are bundled up, the line is longer at the campus’ Starbucks, and we are surrounded by beautiful color all around! Although our campus is beautiful at all times of the year, in my personal opinion, Fall is one of the prettiest.

Throughout the year, you can see that some of our buildings are cloaked with gorgeous vines. No matter the season, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall the vines stand out significantly from the background of the gray buildings. Every time I am walking by Hewitt Hall, I enjoy seeing what phase the vines will be on that day. From the green leaf to the yellow, to the red and orange. Eventually, the vine is bare and covered in frost and maybe even inches of snow. Then back to budding again. It is a spectacular transition to watch!

No matter what is on your Fall Bucket List, please take the time and appreciate the beauty of fall around you right here on campus! Take the long way to class! The colors are vibrant, it won’t last long, soak it all in before we get the first Oswego snowfall.  I took some time photos for you all to experience it with us! Enjoy!

About the Author

Hi I’m Camry! I am a senior at SUNY Oswego studying Communication and Social Interaction with a minor in Expressive Art Therapy! I will be blogging about my time here at SUNY Oswego! I hope this blog will be used as a resource for future students in giving them a visual experience of the beauty our campus holds. I am a spontaneous, outgoing, artistic, photography-loving, adventurous, college student loving life here at Oswego! Enjoy my blog and photos!
Email: cliddle@oswego.edu
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