Snacking Tips for Studying

Hello Everyone!

Since it’s National Nutrition Month, I thought it would be a good idea to share some healthy snacking tips. Studying can be hard, and what we eat can influence how well we perform both physically and mentally. Many college students opt for snacks that are high in calories and full of additives, seasonings, and […]

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5 things to do between classes…..

Do you have a semester with 5 or 6 classes? Do you want to improve in college?  Every semester they offer I have taken the maximum amount of classes, and as a non-traditional student that is also a commuter, I find it hard when I have time in between classes every day and I debate […]

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Senior Year Slump

It’s OK to feel stuck during your senior year and I promise you are not the only one.

It’s happened to all of us. We’re having a great time our last year in college; meeting new people, making our last college memories, traveling all over the world, until the dreadful realization occurs. I have no […]

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5 Studying Don’ts for Commuters

5 studying don'ts; fresh new tips while at home -- don't do these while you are trying to study or do school work -- try these tips to help success in college


I know that feeling of commuting home from a long day’s work or classes and just wanting to go home after and grab your laptop and hopping on the couch to relax.  But does this really help you learn or even bring motivation, while going to college?? I think not!!  Such as this example, […]

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Senior Year: Starring Sam

Hi all, I’m Sam Donnelly and I am a Communication and Social Interaction major with a minor in English here at SUNY Oswego. As a senior with a particular interest in media representation, the Social Media internship offered through the Communications and Marketing Department serves as an excellent opportunity to branch into some real […]

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