Survived The Eye Of the Storm

So we did it! We survived preseason and the all-mighty hurricane Sandy. Let’s just say these past few weeks for the Lakers have been quite hectic. We have 1 scrimmage left to go then regular season games start in a little over a week. Can’t wait to start playing some games and make a run in SUNYAC’s. The Tromp Palace is starting to fall apart, we have ceilings cracking, pipes rusting, and heat…well I have learned the hard way that heat is a luxury. But that doesn’t stop the excitement from happening. We still manage to spend our Sunday (“Boy Days”) bonding together. What’s “Boy Day” you might be wondering? It’s pretty much the best day of the week. It includes eating lots of food, watching football all day, and screaming at the television like know typical lady-like activities. Will make sure to stay updated on any more interesting occurrences at the Tromp Palace. Everyone come out and support the Oswego Basketball Teams tonight at Hoops Hysteria!!

HI :)

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lexi Gillard and I am a sophomore Biology Major here at Oswego and also a part of the Women’s Basketball team. Now I have to set the records straight on one thing, I’m a townie. Now I’ve heard mixed reviews as to how townies are recieved in Oswego. I’ve heard “they’re all dirtbags”, or “Oh yeah they’re usually really nice”. Well coming from a townie, it’s a mixture of both. I think that being a townie and staying in Oswego is the best decicion I’ve made so far. I can drive home in 10 minutes and my parents will feed me, and I can also have my space and do as I please without having them criticize my every move. As with being a townie, there are pros and cons with every situation, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons, like the fact that I practically go to school for free! Anyways, the first week of our practices is now over and the season has officially started! I’m very excited to see how our team progresses over the course of the season, and I’m confident in all of our abilities. Come out and support your lady lakers!!!

Let it begin!

Today was the day, October 15th that date that gives all basketball players here at Oswego a surplus of anxiety. At 6 am this morning when we all decided to get out of bed to prepare for the timed mile we would be facing in an hour anxiety was through the roof at Tromp Palace. We were giving each other all pep talks ensuring we would all complete the task with ease. Went to the track, rocked the mile and all quickly head home.. back to bed! Now that the running is over i am overjoyed to be getting back on the court tonight and simply playing. There is nothing better than begin on a team with girls who have the same love and passion for the game as yourself. After playing with the girls during preseason I have very high hopes for this season and believe this team possesses great amount talent to carry us deep into SUNYACS. Stay tuned and come out and support your lady lakers!

Let me introduce myself…

This is the true story… of six strangers… picked to live in a house…… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real.

Let me give you all a brief introduction of who I am and the life I live here at SUNY Oswego.My name is Paula, I’m a Junior,Wellness Management major aspiring to one day become a Physical Therapist. I also play on the Women’s basketball team.Our team is an eclectic group of girls.Now I know what you’re thinking…living in a house with 8 girls may be a bit much to handle, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.Our team spends every waking moment together.You can often times find us screaming the lyrics to Nicki Minaj, running around in carrot suits,sitting on our front porch watching townies stroll by and ballin’ in the gym. We may not drive the nicest cars,live in the nicest house or wear the nicest clothes, but we take pride in making everyone feel welcome and staying down to earth.

season starts in 1 week! We are all looking forward to get going and kill it this year!!