Trip to DC!!!

Every year the Women’s Basketball program is fortunate enough to be able to travel to play in very competitive tournaments. This year we made the long trek to Washington D.C.. Of course leaving from Oswego NY we faced large amounts of snow and a simple trip of 6-7 hours took us a lengthy amount of 10 hours to reach our destination. We then faced two of the most difficult teams we have faced this season. We lost our first game that put at us 8-1 overall which a lost is expected to happen eventually it is how a team reacts and turns around and plays the following game. Luck for us we had an opportunity to play the next day again facing a difficult opponent that we fought back and pulled out a win in over time. It wasn’t just a big win for us a majority of our team is struggling with the flu so it shows the strengthen and determination of the members of the Oswego Women’s basketball program and shows hope for a successful remainder of our season. We have just received 2 votes to be ranked nationally and that is just fuel for us to keep improving our record and proving that we are a team that can and deserves to have national recognition! Come support your Lady lakers!!

Let it begin!

Today was the day, October 15th that date that gives all basketball players here at Oswego a surplus of anxiety. At 6 am this morning when we all decided to get out of bed to prepare for the timed mile we would be facing in an hour anxiety was through the roof at Tromp Palace. We were giving each other all pep talks ensuring we would all complete the task with ease. Went to the track, rocked the mile and all quickly head home.. back to bed! Now that the running is over i am overjoyed to be getting back on the court tonight and simply playing. There is nothing better than begin on a team with girls who have the same love and passion for the game as yourself. After playing with the girls during preseason I have very high hopes for this season and believe this team possesses great amount talent to carry us deep into SUNYACS. Stay tuned and come out and support your lady lakers!