Survived The Eye Of the Storm

So we did it! We survived preseason and the all-mighty hurricane Sandy. Let’s just say these past few weeks for the Lakers have been quite hectic. We have 1 scrimmage left to go then regular season games start in a little over a week. Can’t wait to start playing some games and make a run in SUNYAC’s. The Tromp Palace is starting to fall apart, we have ceilings cracking, pipes rusting, and heat…well I have learned the hard way that heat is a luxury. But that doesn’t stop the excitement from happening. We still manage to spend our Sunday (“Boy Days”) bonding together. What’s “Boy Day” you might be wondering? It’s pretty much the best day of the week. It includes eating lots of food, watching football all day, and screaming at the television like know typical lady-like activities. Will make sure to stay updated on any more interesting occurrences at the Tromp Palace. Everyone come out and support the Oswego Basketball Teams tonight at Hoops Hysteria!!

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