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Today was the day, October 15th that date that gives all basketball players here at Oswego a surplus of anxiety. At 6 am this morning when we all decided to get out of bed to prepare for the timed mile we would be facing in an hour anxiety was through the roof at Tromp Palace. We were giving each other all pep talks ensuring we would all complete the task with ease. Went to the track, rocked the mile and all quickly head home.. back to bed! Now that the running is over i am overjoyed to be getting back on the court tonight and simply playing. There is nothing better than begin on a team with girls who have the same love and passion for the game as yourself. After playing with the girls during preseason I have very high hopes for this season and believe this team possesses great amount talent to carry us deep into SUNYACS. Stay tuned and come out and support your lady lakers!

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Hello! My name is Taryn Smith Im a senior here at SUNY Oswego and I absolutely love it here! Along with going to school for Major Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Coaching I play basketball also. Playing basketball I have been privileged to meet many amazing people, 7 which have become my housemates. Immediately you think I'm crazy for living with 7 other girls, honestly so do I, but the beauty is it's like our own constant TV show we are all living. So inviting everyone to take the journey of my senior year both on and off the court, and venturing through the life of a college athlete living with 5 ballers and 2 lax girls! Welcome Home!
Email: tsmith1@oswego.edu
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