The Harlem Shake, Oswego Style

“Have you seen the new Harlem Shakes on YouTube?”
“No, the Harlem Shake is for idiots!” -Urban Dictionary

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying the recent surge of Harlem Shake videos across the Internet. The dance started as a gang ritual and has been only very recently turned into a joke by bored YouTubers. It seems Oswego’s gotten in on the action, with multiple groups on campus creating their own versions of the meme. Here’s a few to pass the time and have a quick laugh:

5 Student Organizations Anyone Can (And Should!) Join

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Boy this campus is boring, there’s nothing to do here!”? Well, if so, you’re in for a treat today and this blog post is just for you! You may not know it, but there are a TON of student run organizations on campus (many of which are free and just require attendance & participation), and no college experience is complete without being a part of at least one. Its a new year and a new semester, so maybe its time to make a resolution and be a part of something, no matter how small!  Without further ado, here are a few student organizations that you can join and become an active member of with relatively little or no prior experience:


Outdoor Club

Get back in touch with your wild side! The outdoor club sponsors trips to many of the natural wonders of the northeast. Expect lots of camping and hiking! They accommodate beginners as well as seasoned pros. They even have movie nights and often team up with other clubs to put on events, such as the ski and snowboard club’s campus rail jam. It’s a good stress reliever to get away from school and out into nature for a while, and this club makes it very easy, often providing trips for free! So check out their website and go to a meeting, you might just find it to be the perfect balancing out activity to your busy college lifestyle.


Arts Alive

The official student run Art club on campus, these guys are down to earth. No pretentious art gallery fancy pants judgment to be found here. All of their information can be found near or in Tyler Hall Rm. 201. They put on educational events almost every week, and beginners are as welcome as anyone else with a passion for creativity and aesthetics.



Story Teller’s Guild

Yes, they are nerdy. But they are all also great people with a passion for fiction of all sorts, whether it comes in the form of comic books, games, or anime (among other things). Probably one of the largest groups on campus, they welcome geeks from all walks of life, and encourage members to host their own game/movie/role-playing etc. events. They also put on one large convention every year called ARCON, featuring plenty of game tournaments, panels, and memorabilia booths. Anyone can join, and you don’t have to be obsessed with the lifestyle to have a good time (even if it may be encouraged)!



Students for Global Change/ Go Green Team

Now two separate clubs, formerly under the umbrella club Students for Global Change, S4GC and the Go Green Team exist to promote environmental, social, and political awareness amongst citizens, with the Go Green Team specializing in environmental concerns and local green initiatives. Students for Global change often supports many other organizations on campus and encourages members to reach out to the community with their concerns, whether that be through workshops, personal projects or fundraising for global outreach organizations.


Student Association

Last but most definitely not least we have SA, the glue which holds all of the other student organizations together. Believe it or not, the students who choose to participate in SA are doing it of their own free will, actively working to make the social and cultural environment on campus great for everyone. They have a lot of influence in many of the policies that are made by the administration and work very hard with average students who want to make something happen, but perhaps don’t have the tools or the know-how to go about doing it. In joining SA, you could gain a lot of experience working with people, which is something employers love, but they don’t necessarily teach in the classrooms. Their are many positions, from being a senator to a financial officer, and finding which is right for you would be a great step in learning how to be a leader in not just the SUNY Oswego community, but later on down the road of life as well.



Honorable Mentions:

Cut the Craft

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Philosophy Club

History Club


You can find information on all student organizations here, including many more specialized clubs for your more immediate interests:

I hope this was informative, and if I didn’t get to any clubs or organizations on campus (new or otherwise!) that are accessible and anyone can join, give ’em a shout out in the comments below!

10 tips for staying safe in the Oswego winter weather

Hey kids, whether or not you have a car on campus or plan on driving home for the break, its always good to be informed and and stay on top of yourself and your vehicle of choice. That’s why I’ve compiled this handy list of snowy weather tips – to remind you all to not only have fun this winter, but stay safe over the upcoming holiday!

1. Drive slow, stay under the speed limit (it exists for a reason).

2. Be a defensive driver, or in other words, always watch out for the other guy. You may be perfectly good at driving in harsh weather, but not everyone shares the same fortune!

3. Don’t slam on your brakes! Learn to pump the brakes to prevent sliding off the road, or into another lane of traffic.

4. Get snow tires if you can afford to. This seriously makes a huge difference.

5. If you get stuck, put the vehicle into a low gear and slowly rock back and forth to get yourself out. Things will only get worse if you accelerate too hard.

6. Keep the windshield wiper blades up and get snow/ice off in a timely manner (see: the day of). Not only will you will be set to drive quicker, but your car will love you for it.

7. Check the temperature outside and plan ahead before you leave so you make enough time to heat up your vehicle before takin’ her for a spin!

8. Turn your vehicle on once a day to keep the engine all warm and fuzzy and unfrozen inside.

9. Keep a shovel and/or blankets in your trunk – never know when you may run into an unfortunate situation.

10. Watch out for black ice. The county employees do a great job of plowing the roads, but they can’t always be perfect. This can be especially dangerous on highways like 481. Be aware of recent weather conditions and keep those eyes peeled!

We haven’t seen too much troublesome weather yet, but I suspect it is on its way here very soon, so stay safe friends! It’s been a good semester guys, and I hope you all have a great winter recess! If you have any safe winter weather tips of your own, sound off in the comments below!

Panic Film Festival! (Round 2)

As promised, here are the remaining entries from the 2012 SUNY Oswego Panic Film Festival:


Christa Haley, Lara Ashley Bruce, Vala Kjarval, Jordan Bianchi

Winner – Judges Award, Best Picture

Self Control

Cameron Ebersold, Josh Parisi, Jared Gould, Christie Williams, Jessica Hebblethwaite

The Little Eyes

Brian Kastelan, Zachary Guthrie

Movie Night

Garvin Wells, Kristina Dopp, Tricia Morrison, Joshua Strauss, Kylee Greenleaf

Black Leaves

Tom DeVito, Amanda Durosa, Mike Fisher

Winner – Best Story, Amanda Durosa

A Night In

Kristen Kopper, Nate O’Brien, Matt Maggio, Jen Grossman, Lora Benjou


James Domachowske, Matt Kirkman, Max Cornillon, Keith Galluci

I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time

Brian Liberty, Andrew Stulck, Brian Reilly, Christen Brambley, Greg Giannantonio

Panic Film Festival! (Round One)

Hey all! The Panic Film Festival has come and gone, but luckily, for those of you who couldn’t attend, I will be posting all of the films that the students made in 48 hours for your viewing pleasure! Without further ado, here are 4 of the films (expect about 5 more next week!):


Winner – Best Performance, Morgan Rae Noone


Audience Award for Best Picture

Judges’ Award, Third Place Picture

Best Costumes/Makeup, Ryan Farmer

The Fall

Timothy Rooney, Tom Loughlin

Boiling Point

Judges’ Award, Second Place Picture

Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for round 2 next week!

The Great Pumpkin Run (And More!)

Relevant Information:

Cost – $3.00

Sign-Up – 10/6 12:30 PM @ Campus Center Food Court Area

Proceeds – Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer Research)


Also this weekend and next: PANIC Film Festival! Student teams will be making short horror films over the course of this weekend and screening them next weekend at a special event. Hope to see you there! But don’t fear! I will make sure to post videos from the event here, so stay tuned!

Things to do this week!

Hello everyone, hope your week is going well! If you are looking for something to do tomorrow on your day off, go check out the O-Mazing Race! It’s sure to be a fun time for everyone:

And on Saturday, the Philosophy department will be hosting its annual Warren Steinkraus lecture in Sheldon Hall! It’s going to be a good one this year, as we have an expert in Global Workspace Theory coming all the way from the University of Maryland:

Expect full coverage from me the day of the event. Hope to see you guys there!


Hello readers! My name is Mark Willson. Maybe you have seen me around campus, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve seen some of my work on the Tyler Hall North Wall. My unofficial slogan of late has been the simple statement, “Be”. That’s what I’d like to talk about for my first post as a student blogger.

Be. It is only two letters, yet it carries a world of meaning. What does it mean to me, you ask? It means exist. It means be an active agent in your environment. My environment is SUNY Oswego. Yours probably is too if you are reading this.

So to kick off this new school year, I encourage all of you to get out there and  do something outside of your comfort zone, get involved on campus and in the greater Oswego community, and you will BE.

In the meantime, enjoy this entertaining excerpt from Open Mic Night (which you can catch/be a part of every Thursday at the Lake Effect Cafe!) :