Panic Film Festival! (Round 2)

As promised, here are the remaining entries from the 2012 SUNY Oswego Panic Film Festival:


Christa Haley, Lara Ashley Bruce, Vala Kjarval, Jordan Bianchi

Winner – Judges Award, Best Picture

Self Control

Cameron Ebersold, Josh Parisi, Jared Gould, Christie Williams, Jessica Hebblethwaite

The Little Eyes

Brian Kastelan, Zachary Guthrie

Movie Night

Garvin Wells, Kristina Dopp, Tricia Morrison, Joshua Strauss, Kylee Greenleaf

Black Leaves

Tom DeVito, Amanda Durosa, Mike Fisher

Winner – Best Story, Amanda Durosa

A Night In

Kristen Kopper, Nate O’Brien, Matt Maggio, Jen Grossman, Lora Benjou


James Domachowske, Matt Kirkman, Max Cornillon, Keith Galluci

I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time

Brian Liberty, Andrew Stulck, Brian Reilly, Christen Brambley, Greg Giannantonio

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