10 tips for staying safe in the Oswego winter weather

Hey kids, whether or not you have a car on campus or plan on driving home for the break, its always good to be informed and and stay on top of yourself and your vehicle of choice. That’s why I’ve compiled this handy list of snowy weather tips – to remind you all to not only have fun this winter, but stay safe over the upcoming holiday!

1. Drive slow, stay under the speed limit (it exists for a reason).

2. Be a defensive driver, or in other words, always watch out for the other guy. You may be perfectly good at driving in harsh weather, but not everyone shares the same fortune!

3. Don’t slam on your brakes! Learn to pump the brakes to prevent sliding off the road, or into another lane of traffic.

4. Get snow tires if you can afford to. This seriously makes a huge difference.

5. If you get stuck, put the vehicle into a low gear and slowly rock back and forth to get yourself out. Things will only get worse if you accelerate too hard.

6. Keep the windshield wiper blades up and get snow/ice off in a timely manner (see: the day of). Not only will you will be set to drive quicker, but your car will love you for it.

7. Check the temperature outside and plan ahead before you leave so you make enough time to heat up your vehicle before takin’ her for a spin!

8. Turn your vehicle on once a day to keep the engine all warm and fuzzy and unfrozen inside.

9. Keep a shovel and/or blankets in your trunk – never know when you may run into an unfortunate situation.

10. Watch out for black ice. The county employees do a great job of plowing the roads, but they can’t always be perfect. This can be especially dangerous on highways like 481. Be aware of recent weather conditions and keep those eyes peeled!

We haven’t seen too much troublesome weather yet, but I suspect it is on its way here very soon, so stay safe friends! It’s been a good semester guys, and I hope you all have a great winter recess! If you have any safe winter weather tips of your own, sound off in the comments below!

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One thought on “10 tips for staying safe in the Oswego winter weather

  1. We had like two inches of snow and I was almost t boned because some over confident idiot was speeding in his awesome beamer and couldn’t stop at the stop sign on the back road into campus. My comment is get studded snow tires and slow down!

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