Hello readers! My name is Mark Willson. Maybe you have seen me around campus, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve seen some of my work on the Tyler Hall North Wall. My unofficial slogan of late has been the simple statement, “Be”. That’s what I’d like to talk about for my first post as a student blogger.

Be. It is only two letters, yet it carries a world of meaning. What does it mean to me, you ask? It means exist. It means be an active agent in your environment. My environment is SUNY Oswego. Yours probably is too if you are reading this.

So to kick off this new school year, I encourage all of you to get out there and  do something outside of your comfort zone, get involved on campus and in the greater Oswego community, and you will BE.

In the meantime, enjoy this entertaining excerpt from Open Mic Night (which you can catch/be a part of every Thursday at the Lake Effect Cafe!) :


Introducing..Open Mic.

Students at Open Mic

If you take a look around Lake Effect on a Thursday evening around 6, you’ll undoubtedly see students sipping on coffee, tea, lattes, and the like.  There will be students scattered at tables studying or chatting.  Basically, it looks like your conventional cafe.

Check back an hour later and you’ll be lucky if you find a seat.  Thursdays bring Lifestyles’ After Dark Open Mic, but what exactly does that entail?  Every week it’s different.  Each week brings a surprise, but the concept always remains the same: free coffee, free company, free entertainment.  Open Mic lasts from 7-11, gaining momentum as the night wears on.

We always commend the first brave soul to go up to the mic and perform, opening the show for rest of the fearless.  This past Thursday it was a poem.

Open Mic brings an array of acts, ranging from poems, musical acts, comedy and magic. Performers play acoustic guitar, piano, ukuleles, accordion and an array of various instruments brought by Mike Beshures and Dan Cava, who introduce each act.

This past week, societal agitation was discussed, through the use of comedy.  A student discussed his thoughts about derogatory words people use and his thoughts on them.

This is probably, what we would say, is the best part about Open Mic.  Everyone is welcome there, whether you reek talent, or, for lack of better words, don’t.  You will never step away from the mic without a thundering applause from the audience.  Discuss, sing, perform whatever you want, we will accept.

But it is not only performances that draw the large crowds to Open Mic. Free coffee, free food? Is this real life?!  Free coffee is available to any student, as long as they bring their own mug. Free food is available to anyone, mug-

full or not.  This past Thursday they had fruit, the week before brought brownies and cookies, tastefully baked and arranged by Lifestyles’ Peer Educators.

Come to study, perform, make bracelets (yes they provide the string.  Once again, is this real life?!), drink coffee, nap, or mingle with us.  Just come!

Carly Brundige making a bracelet at Open Mic

As always, tweet about your campus events using #ozhappenings and don’t forget to like our facebook page:

Note: Open Mic is cancelled this week (Oct. 20) because of midterms.  See you next Thursday for an always satisfying Lifestyles’ After Dark Open Mic night!

Sam Katz performing at Open Mic