The Series: Introspection

I came to Oswego with high hopes and full of energetic optimism. As a transfer student I personally asked if I could be so lucky as to have the opportunity to do this student blog. Not only because as journalism major it would look good on my resume or to practice writing. Although those things mattered too. Really it was about having an unique opportunity to share with the outside world,freshman or even intending transfers like myself; who stumbled across this page hoping for a better sense of what really goes on in Oswego. To the peers that are currently with me I hoped to present a road in which to walk down memory lane or perhaps even see how far they’ve come since their own “adjustment” days.

I’m hugely critical of those who complain often or find reason to complain. So sometimes for that very reason I kept things inside. Other times it was just for lack of a way to articulate the true emotion or feeling behind what I was experiencing.

Now though is a good time though. I’ve been here a while and I’m getting the hang of things. As Terrell said when I told him  “you should be its been over 2 months”. I agree. So lets put something’s in perspective, lets put some issues on the table, and lastly lets share with everyone else what my experiences are here as a transfer. In a TBD series I’m going to get to all of those experiences ,emotions and adjustment/growing pains. This here…is the intro. So with out further ado I present: The Introspection

The Friend Zone

The friend zone always gets this bad rep and well, it should. It’s is like that dreadful abyss where your thinking “soooooo where do we go from here”. Your staring the person in the face and all the while thinking a million thoughts either on how to A) get that person B) how much you really want that person C) how you get across that Nile River to the promise land!


That’s not the type of friend zone I’m talking about here. The friend zone I’m talking about actually is a pretty good thing. The place where they pick you up and even lift you over their heads like good ‘ol Charlie Brown. I don’t typically refer to it as such. I usually prefer the term “inner sanctums” as they are listed on my BBM list and various other times that I refer to them. This friend zone is one that no guy or girl dreads. There comes a point in time where no matter how strong of a person, no matter how wildly successful  and even as independent as you may like to view yourself you still need a friend or plenty to lift you up.

My friends have done that for me before but definitely as of recent they have done this. Really this post is a quick time out to say thank you to them. A simple e-form “bro hug” or a platonic hug to my lady friends. It’s also a reminder to you all the readers to appreciate your own friends and to sometimes make sure your hoisting a friend or two on your shoulders. So on that note: ODU keeping coaching its needed, Buff hang tough , 169 its our time to shine, 228 to infinity and beyond!

– Kwa

**I think what I’m going to start doing is letting you know what my topic is going to be for the next week(or 2 since I usually go every other) at the end of each post. Hmmm… sounds ambitious since I just thought of it, I’ll see if I can start  with the next and keep up. Till Then! Gotta Blast 3.8’s are no easy feat!

P.s.- Fellas if you wanna get out of that other friend zone. Impress them by doing something manly like opening a bottle of wine with out a Cork screw …She’ll dig it

Ladies…I dunno I’m sure Cosmo has yall covered -shrugs-

Crank That Heat!

Ok Ok ok, so maybe it’s not really that cold out. So what! -Shrugs- I’m feeling that wind (it can no longer be referred to as a breeze). I’m prepared though I got the cupboards stocked with tea, hot chocolate, the grandpa slippers with the fur inside them by the bed, some pajama pants and a duvet ready to ship I’m set!

If it’s not time to crank the heat up on the thermostat it definitely is time to crank up the heat on them books! Its October now, September is gone no more “Play Play”!

There are definitely some important dates on the calendar this month. Alumni Dinner Oct 9th, Media Summit Oct 14th, Friends & Family Weekend Oct 15th for those who indulge. There are a bunch of other events but those were the ones that stuck out to me, if there are anymore your more than welcome to remind me in the c-section.

In any event the front side of my week is packed with test to study for, people to study with, a few projects and assignments due. So its best we keep it short you get back to your work and I continue with mine.

Till Next time Ladies & Gents,


The Road to Success

“Never Mistake Activity for Achievement”

Sometimes I have a habit for becoming so overwhelmed with ideas and dreams that I conjure up that I end up tiring myself out. I swear that when this life is over I’m going to need to start up another one.There is just so much that I want to do and sadly there is only one of me to undertake them all. The above quote though has done so much to keep me focused . Often times in an environment such as college where there are resources for every desire we tend to lose sight of what is really most important. I’ve been guilty of that plenty of times. So seeing that quote is always constant reminder to me that even the best of interest have a place and time. Priority is Key.

With that being said this week will be a good week for me. I’m already off to a brilliant start 1st meeting of the day before classes Career Counseling. I don’t see how after a meeting like that I wont be even more motivated than I already am to excel in the classroom and make sure that I am doing the necessary things to help solidify my bright future. Quickly as can be, the lesson of organization and meeting deadlines are being learned. This has been a whirlwind of a first four weeks no two days being the same. Its been a learn on the go process in terms of adjustment. I try to just soak it all in and digest it all in the few moments that are given for introspection.

In some sort of weird amateur artist within manner I suppose thats what the picture in this post represents. I took this photo the other day on my way to the library. Even though my book bag was nearly dragging to the floor with books and assignments (ok maybe slightly embellished) I felt it necessary to take the time to take it all in. The road to success may sometimes be a long and arduous journey; but throughout it all even on the way  library there are still plenty of beautiful moments waiting to be captured.

Anyway gotta Blast! (c)Jimmy Neutron,The week is calling and I’m determined to Rock it Out .

Till Next Week, Eyes on the Prize Yall!


The Best Week Ever!

(Photo taken from Oswego Palladium "Todays Top Photo's" Aug 30th)

The Best Week ever Huh?

Yeah I said it and its only the conclusion of the first week. Carpet still Stanley Steamer Clean! Nothing on my bedroom walls yet , cupboards only half full  and I’m already proclaiming Best Weeks.

Pretty bold I’ll admit it but I also plan to say that every week this semester so get used to it. In all seriousness though this week was pretty amazing. I always call the first week of class Syllabus Wk. Go to class get the syllabus skim over for grading method, attendance policy and # of exams , pray you get out early and rush to add or drop for better times. Also it doesn’t hurt that the weather was glorious last week it almost got a little tooo glorious had me having thoughts of cannon balling off Scales into the Lake. Before I could do that,  the weekend had me under two covers so I will NEVER complain about hot weather in Oswego again!

I met a ton of people …cool people and if I met you amazingly enough I can guarantee that I remember your name or where I met you from.

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions and my First week made sure to impress.Africka Step, Involvement Fair , Oswegonian General Meeting, CSA’s Back to School Labor Day Event. Yeah! One thing for sure there are two sides to Oswego. This place is very much a place of getting out of it what you want. If you have plans to rule the world like the Brain(as I do) then this may very well be the place that it all starts for you. For every ambition and aspiration there is some sort club , organization or available resource. However if you want to just lurk in the background not really becoming involved, running home at the first available weekend you can definitely get away with that (but don’t that’s WACK)

Everyone that I’ve encountered asked me the same question “so how do you like Oswego” and my reply was always the same “let me go through my first real week get some class time in and I’ll let you know”.

So now I’m Letting You Know…Osw Rocks

**This Post was Supposed to be for Monday but I actually lost my draft (yeah it blows i know) Anyway If you like my post or are slightly entertained enough to come back I’m posting Every MONDAY… this way you know when to check for me till next Mon PEACE!**

Dear Summer,

I think its time we end this thing here.

I don’t really know what you would call it a fling, time together , a season. Whatever it is, its over we can’t continue. I’ve got to be honest with you. I told you I was looking forward to you…but I wasn’t. Every Time I looked at the calendar, it wasn’t to our next outing it was pass you. I tried, honest. You got me real excited to go see Drake on his album release date but you member how that turned out. Ughh I shudder remembering that experience. We promised to spend many days in cargo shorts, white tee’s and a Yankee Fitted @ the Stadium. Even made plans to rock my Yankeee fitted to Mets games(so disrespectful) and go to the Shake Shack in the middle of the 7th inning. None of that materialized sadly. We whispered secrets about all the dive bars we would attended and I told my friends that with you around we would go to the best Roof Top Parties unknown to most. Those plans…Never even saw the light of day.

Ok Ok I can’t be dramatic. I still enjoyed your company though. There were my many visits to the Pier(unforgettable) and recently you even showed me the best movie of the year Inception. You helped to recharge my drained batteries giving me a clear head, loose shoulders and relaxation. Let me kick my feet up and tell you how I needed this quiet time away from the fast pace strenuous life I was living. I discovered a favorite show (Anthony Bourdains “No Reservation”) , “BMF” & “MC Hammer” became epic summer anthems, I sang to loud in shower to La Roux’s Bullet Proof. Spain won the world Cup WooooHooo ! Villa baby!Yea looking on back on it we had some good times. I won’t regret them I promise.

Its just that this is a “Its not you its me moment” and I “gotta keep it real”. No Reservations & Entourage are good but Californication and Mad Men are BETTER! That Drake concert seem like it was gone be crazy(actually it still was CRA – ZY) but this Jay & Em thing pffft that looks EPIC! Yankee games in summer are probably good but what’s better than Mariano on the Mound in October!

The Team you ask? Oh well we trading in our NYY’s fitteds for them NYR’s Yaaa-heeaah!  See what I mean? I can’t pretend and continue to go on like this. My Heart is somewhere else , I need to follow it so Goodbye. For now at least..something tells me you’ll be hearing from me again.

Yours Truly,

Kwame Belle

Check Your Calendar

Its almost that time right? That was more of a rhetorical question because I already knew! If you felt like this was a quick summer and its over too soon (which it isn’t) you can blame me, I was wishing the days right along with all my might.

Its been a hectic July and beginning of August. Working, preparing to move up, trying to figure out what to buy here and leave for when I get up. I’ll be up for good in about 10 days, which is wild to me. I’ve now been to Oswego 3 times in one summer smmmh. Next time I’m up for good.

This year is going to be crazy, it has the potential to Go There! I spoke to a couple of my friends (“The Team”) and we were discussing our various agendas and goals for this up and coming semester. All I can say is its going to be Bandoodles. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hype.

I recently had a conversation with someone and when I asked them why they weren’t excited about going back to school they said its the same thing what am I suppose to be happy about the “tree’s and campus”…”Yay” for a moment I got upset and by that statement. I was like mannnn you don’t understand right now. You’re obviously not seeing it clearly. I guess they felt that I was excited just to be at school because it was new and I keep mentioning on different occasions and places (like here) on how nice our campus looks. I mean all that’s cookies and cream but the real reason I’m happy to be at school is because I get that sky is the limit feeling. I guess there are some “tree’s” that do that but they don’t sway in Oswego. I ALWAYS get this feeling every school year. My New Years always starts with the new school year. It just always made more sense that way. Really to me I never get that “ahhh this is a fresh start” feeling on January 1st; but the first day of a new semester?! Watch Out! That’s really when its time to unveil the big plans.

Not everyone is a new student like myself but in some capacity there is something left to be accomplished this semester otherwise you wouldn’t be returning. I don’t know what it is maybe its shooting for that GPA that’s been eluding you or being anxious to make a difference in your club, that new E-board this position, what ever the personal goal it maybe.

The point I’m trying to make is you don’t have to wait for New Years to turn that new leaf and it doesn’t have to be about tree’s to be excited to be back at school. If all else fails come back to Blogger #23, He’s gone entertain you with his Year!

The Live Blogging Experience

This past week I found myself on my way to Oswego once again, this time it was for my New Student/Transfer Orientation. Armed with my trusty BlackBerry and too much time on hand, I journalized the 24/7 trip.


9:30 p.m. : Gets off Phone with Tumbo.Procrastination is the Root of Evil I Tell You! Two shirts ironed one for the bus, a second to have a fresh shirt to run around campus in tomorrow. Despite having taken day off I am still not fully prepared to leave the house. I have to catch the bus @ 12:45 …I live @ least an hour and half from bus stop. (See 2nd line,Shame on self)


12:00 a.m : Walks aimlessly around Times Sq back streets hoping to find food other than Mc Donalds. There is literally one per block is this a sign God? . A.A.S Business Degree kicks in no… that’s just Good Business.

12:25 a.m : All I have managed to do is withdraw money from the ATM and BBM about wanting to eat food that can’t possibly be available this time of night even in Tm Sq.

12:35 a.m : Panick . OMG I still haven’t eaten the only bus that I can catch for orientation leaves in 10 mins. I’m 3rd in line though…hmm .Bails from Mc Donalds nonetheless(yea that place >_<)

2:45 a.m : I have finally finished verbally abusing self and asking why God after not buying food only for the bus to be 15 mins late . I now eat Chips and Soda from the Gas Station -_-!

4:45 a.m : ARe We There Yet?! This has been the most uncomfortable ride of my young but seasoned Coach bus life. Can’t find a comfortable spot and the guy across has been wearing Shades since he got on and is sleeping with his legs up agaisnt the glass  . This begins to worry me slowly.

6:30 a.m : Boards Centro bus seriously? $5 from ‘Cuse to Oswego?! Its 4.50 to go from Brooklyn to Queens roundtrip…Matter Fact from one part of Queens to another is still $4.50 rndtrip. Begins Surveying possible new houses as bus pulls off.

7:50 a.m : Hops off bus . Proceeds to take care of errands before the immentient New Student Crush on lines. Hmmm. For having only been on campus once I sure know my way around , Found the Copy Machine, Made change @ Store .(P.s. The lady called me Love Bug *blushes*)

8:00 a.m : Falls in love with copy machine. You wanna make a 2 sided copy …no problem. Wanna do book format. A breeze. Maybe I shoulda been a copy machine Engineer?!

9:00 a.m : Let the Party begin wooohoo. Big Lecute Hall. Name Tags . Stops and is given a drawstring Oswego bag with college info . Is told by Laker Leader I am a “Valued Customer”. Hmph! Never thought about being a customer of Oswego. Student/Customer… they are all the same #nodifference

9:15 a.m : “Oswego was rated Top 3 sunsets in the world” Promises to fact check later.

11:00 a.m : I could careless about this UPD lecture . The Gps cellphone tracking option sounds really safe but I’m also supicious of it capabilities.

12:00 p.m : Lunnnnnchh . I’ve been waiting for this since 8 am. Word up.

12:15 p.m : Bleh well that was underwhelming . They def took us to the lower quality cafe hall . Guess they figured its to late to turn back because of bad food now . They are right o_o.

12:30 p.m : Walks to apt, goes to Landlords apt signs lease , chews the fat. Heads back.

12:35 p.m : Observes I am only 5 mins from Pizza hut. Hmmm . $10 medium size pizza , Tuesdays Tuscan Pasta Specials , Wings Weds for 50 cents. Overall buttery soft crust and doughy pizza. You think I’m gonna be a “valued” customer here? I think so too

1:25 p.m – Waits outside room to do schedule. Since this is the only reason I cared to come up to orientation and I’ve made a list of the classes I want to take and need to take I guess you can call me Ready!

1:45 p.m : Advisor comes outside to help gentley soothe what will in minutes become enraged souls.

1:45 & 10 seconds p.m : Livid & other stuff (my fav being”foaming”)There are not many classes available. Stresses that we will get what we need not what we want. Many classes are full and closed. Seniors picked already(duh) Juniors did too(understandble)Sophs went as well(makes sense) but “we also have registered all but 200 of our freshman ” ( -_- What… let me get this straight you filled a class with freshman over a junior transfer..The logic in that perhaps is in the bottom of the Lake).

2:00 p.m : Races to add classes. C. C.C.C.C.Upper Division Standing Req. C. -clicks refresh- C.C.C .Ahh here’s a class! Upper division standing req. Someone tell me what’s up!

2:30 p.m : 1 class added

2:45 p.m : I now have 2 classes need 3 more . Faith is Zero. Advisor tells people thanks for smiling. I wasn’t one of them.-big shrug-

3:10 p.m : 4 classes . The 5th one I will stalk from home like a lion does a zebra.

3:30 p.m : Still Livid but outside doesn’t match my mood. Constant breeze. Perfect weather. Sunny. The Lake is there. Campus is Beautiful.

3:45 p.m : Becomes a genius. While waiting for Centro to Syracuse calls friend for Won Ton’s #. -makes call for delivery to ” Campus Center Circle thingy ,roundabout by bus stop bench”Chea!

4:15 p.m : Wonton Guy delivers , Bus pulls up . Sweet.

6:00 p.m : Layovers are the worst . Fantasizes about flying private instead of busing.(This must be due to being high off of Oswego Optimism and sleeping a total of 2 hrs from bus ride up)

7:55 p.m : Bus is late, suppose to be here.

8:25 p.m : Bus is here but we are still standing on long line waiting. Kill Me plz.

8:40 p.m : Steps on Bus random 1 seats available bus is packed. Smells like a Gym and Subways sweet onion is waffering too. Shoulda used my kill me request here.

9:00 p.m : Aisle seat. Cramped. Passenger next to me insist on looking around and being paranoid. Over hear convo from guy behind me about not goin back to prison he’s a better criminal now…..Maybe that’s why the guy next to me was so fidgety o_0.

9:30 p.m : After a quick check, about 12 people “just got out” White Tees, Dickies ..some Gold hats yep.

10:30 p.m : Stories about missing grandma , missing sons and daughters, trifling gf’s and 8 min time limits to do everything from brushing teeth, showering making bed and eating meals are told to a very inquistive passenger who got on at Binghamton are shared. I’m very into their stories, plan to eavesdrop all the way home now.

12:30 p.m : Better Criminal says” Man I just can’t wait to get home already” Word me too #samedifference -shrugs-

1:11 a.m : Port Authority “its over ” waits to see how newly freed men react. Priceless. Mentally wish them luck .

2:30 a.m : After gettin on train going wrong way (don’t judge its been a long trip) I finally make it to my stop. Mom is here to pick me up. That’s love.

3:00 a.m :I’m finished and so is my trip . Thank Jesus’

Totals: 2 dead blackberry batts, 1 purchase from Won Ton’s, 1 bad meal @ undisclosed hall, 1 class added from original list, Two Shirts , One use of Wisp cologate toothbrush, a bunch of hand santizer used due to sisters demands, One exhausted blogger student)

A Teeny Bit Sick

Putting aside the Macho Man ego for a minute. I must admit something crazy…that I am going to be homesick come this fall. Which is beyond crazy to me . It’s a very weird and off-putting feeling. What is so puzzling to me about this feeling of homesickness is that I’ve already experienced “going away” and when I did I was 18 and big eyed. In my very first semester my freshman year I could count on one hand the amount of times I went home. Twice! Once for Thanksgiving and again for Winter Break. That’s it! Even on holiday weekends where we had to go home. I usually found myself at a friend’s school just to avoid the trip home.

My oh my has time changed! I now find myself sitting on the steps with my friends saying “mannnnnn I’m gone miss my city” its true these lights will inspire you and they have! A lot has changed from that 18-year-old time of avoiding home; to being placed in a situation where I had to come home to gather myself and get the ground beneath me. In that time I’ve come to fall in love with my city. Added to that, my older sister lives in Queens and although I didn’t see her everyday she has been my confidant, best friend and biggest supporter. So going 5 hours away from her is a little sobering. Also she is having her first baby, which makes her a first time mother but also makes me a first time uncle (Woot woot!). I’m already preparing (if its a girl I gotta save up to buy the pony, if its a boy 3 things he must learn fresh out the womb: Duke Blue Devils, Kanye is a Musical Genius and Kobe …unstoppable).

Don’t get me wrong In no way am I indecisive as to whether I want to be in Oswego or not. That’s a lock I’d leave tomorrow if money and responsibilities permitted. But its just odd for me to have this feeling. You would think that after 2 years of wanting to be in this position and having worked as hard as I have to get to this point I would be screaming Good Riddance at the top of my lungs.

What’s my remedied chicken noodle soup for this homesickness? Its simple and its advice you’ve probably received before. Get involved. Having experienced first hand at my previous school. I can attest to the fact that when you’re involved it builds a greater sense of connection not only to the school and campus but it extends to the whole community as well. Most of the friends you have will either come through your involvement in campus activities and clubs or they will join you in those interests. Don’t believe me? Just look at my fellow bloggers. How else do you explain two being Laker Leaders ( Danielle and Kayle), and at least 2 other separate pairings of being in the same club or organization( Danielle also spoke a little bit on that notion of campus friendship in her post). Yea it’s real…Believe the hype. I’ll even do you a favor and give you a shortcut to that Chicken. Noodle. Soup. Thank Me Later.

Till Then I bid Adieu

A Proper Introduction

I’m a big believer that you get to know someone over time as opposed to just blurting out a whole life story upon first meeting them . So this much is true as well for this blog. Let’s take slow steady steps and over the long run we can hash out all the minor details and sub plots.

This is going to be my first year at Oswego. I use the words “excited” and “anxious” interchangeably when describing how I feel about this upcoming fall semester. I definitely have that  double rainbow feeling. Its been a long time coming for me. This whole going away to school and majoring in what you love thing.

I took a long road , which definitely included some bumps and rerouting along the way. All in all I’m grateful more than resentful ,excited more than discouraged and about 100 times wiser. I’m a 22 year old junior with 4 years of schooling at 2 different colleges in a different major before this big switcheroo. Which has to make me something like the George Clooney of the Collegiate Game. If it doesn’t then we can start talking about that resentment thing.

But seriously there are some valuable lessons I’ve learned a long the way. Some which I hope to share with you throughout my post during the school year. Mostly however this is more or less an invitation. An invitation to take this wild ride in Oswego with me as I navigate a new campus, new environment, learn my way around scene both extra curricular and socially. This is an inside view into me learning how to manifest my dreams and the opportunity to do great things not only in my major but overall college career. So stay tuned , because something tells me that watching this unfold just might be almost as exciting as me living it. Almost.