The Best Week Ever!

(Photo taken from Oswego Palladium "Todays Top Photo's" Aug 30th)

The Best Week ever Huh?

Yeah I said it and its only the conclusion of the first week. Carpet still Stanley Steamer Clean! Nothing on my bedroom walls yet , cupboards only half full  and I’m already proclaiming Best Weeks.

Pretty bold I’ll admit it but I also plan to say that every week this semester so get used to it. In all seriousness though this week was pretty amazing. I always call the first week of class Syllabus Wk. Go to class get the syllabus skim over for grading method, attendance policy and # of exams , pray you get out early and rush to add or drop for better times. Also it doesn’t hurt that the weather was glorious last week it almost got a little tooo glorious had me having thoughts of cannon balling off Scales into the Lake. Before I could do that,  the weekend had me under two covers so I will NEVER complain about hot weather in Oswego again!

I met a ton of people …cool people and if I met you amazingly enough I can guarantee that I remember your name or where I met you from.

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions and my First week made sure to impress.Africka Step, Involvement Fair , Oswegonian General Meeting, CSA’s Back to School Labor Day Event. Yeah! One thing for sure there are two sides to Oswego. This place is very much a place of getting out of it what you want. If you have plans to rule the world like the Brain(as I do) then this may very well be the place that it all starts for you. For every ambition and aspiration there is some sort club , organization or available resource. However if you want to just lurk in the background not really becoming involved, running home at the first available weekend you can definitely get away with that (but don’t that’s WACK)

Everyone that I’ve encountered asked me the same question “so how do you like Oswego” and my reply was always the same “let me go through my first real week get some class time in and I’ll let you know”.

So now I’m Letting You Know…Osw Rocks

**This Post was Supposed to be for Monday but I actually lost my draft (yeah it blows i know) Anyway If you like my post or are slightly entertained enough to come back I’m posting Every MONDAY… this way you know when to check for me till next Mon PEACE!**

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Kwame Belle is a senior journalism major and arts management minor at SUNY Oswego. He is also a member of the Sigma Pi chapter of the National Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta.
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