A Proper Introduction

I’m a big believer that you get to know someone over time as opposed to just blurting out a whole life story upon first meeting them . So this much is true as well for this blog. Let’s take slow steady steps and over the long run we can hash out all the minor details and sub plots.

This is going to be my first year at Oswego. I use the words “excited” and “anxious” interchangeably when describing how I feel about this upcoming fall semester. I definitely have that  double rainbow feeling. Its been a long time coming for me. This whole going away to school and majoring in what you love thing.

I took a long road , which definitely included some bumps and rerouting along the way. All in all I’m grateful more than resentful ,excited more than discouraged and about 100 times wiser. I’m a 22 year old junior with 4 years of schooling at 2 different colleges in a different major before this big switcheroo. Which has to make me something like the George Clooney of the Collegiate Game. If it doesn’t then we can start talking about that resentment thing.

But seriously there are some valuable lessons I’ve learned a long the way. Some which I hope to share with you throughout my post during the school year. Mostly however this is more or less an invitation. An invitation to take this wild ride in Oswego with me as I navigate a new campus, new environment, learn my way around scene both extra curricular and socially. This is an inside view into me learning how to manifest my dreams and the opportunity to do great things not only in my major but overall college career. So stay tuned , because something tells me that watching this unfold just might be almost as exciting as me living it. Almost.

About the Author

Kwame Belle is a senior journalism major and arts management minor at SUNY Oswego. He is also a member of the Sigma Pi chapter of the National Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta.
Email: bellek109@gmail.com
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