Finals Week :(

Tomorrow’s the big day for my finals week.  Three consecutive tests in a row, starting at 8AM; two of which are my hardest subjects I’m taking this year.  UGH!

In a way, I’m happy I’m getting 3 of them over with at the same time (that is… If I survive).


But who’s ready for winter break!

Time flies!

I can’t believe we’re already done with our first semester.  Time seems to go by even faster during the fun college years.  Hopefully times goes even fast this Wednesday when I have THREE finals in a row starting at 8AM 🙁


How’re everyone else’s final schedules?

Finals Week = STRESS Week

Although I’m sure I’m not the only one, I find it bittersweet that it’s the end of the semester.

First, I’m excited that I get to go home for Winter Break and Christmas and New Years and all that good stuff.  But then again there’s an obstacle we all must overcome to get there: finals.

How do you guys combat your stress?  Yesterday I made a very organized to-do list with all due dates for my classes and I feel it’s really helping me stay organized and on top of all my final due dates for classwork.

American Horror Story

Hey guys, it’s Dan again.

Does anyone watch American Horror Story?  I swear it’s the best show out there and Season 2 just started.  It’s on Wednesdays at 10, channel “FX” if anyone’s interested, and don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything from Season 1 to jump right in and start watching Season 2, it’s a whole new era and cast.


Fans of horror movies interested in a horror TV SHOW should definitely check it out. It’s great.


– Dan Guglielmo

An Introduction!

Hey guys, I’m Dan Guglielmo.

I was on the Web Content team last year for SUNY Oz but this year I’m now blogging!

To give you guys a brief introduction of who I am, I’m a Sophomore here with a major in Cognitive Science and a Health Science minor.  As I said, I went to this college last year and I really do like it here.  I love living in such a great example of a “college town” as well as having our campus literally right next to the lake.

I’ll be posting on here with regularity once campus activities start occurring once again (we seem to be in a drought since the 3LAU concert?), and I’ll express what I enjoyed and maybe even disliked.

Until then,

Dan Guglielmo 😀