An Introduction!

Hey guys, I’m Dan Guglielmo.

I was on the Web Content team last year for SUNY Oz but this year I’m now blogging!

To give you guys a brief introduction of who I am, I’m a Sophomore here with a major in Cognitive Science and a Health Science minor.  As I said, I went to this college last year and I really do like it here.  I love living in such a great example of a “college town” as well as having our campus literally right next to the lake.

I’ll be posting on here with regularity once campus activities start occurring once again (we seem to be in a drought since the 3LAU concert?), and I’ll express what I enjoyed and maybe even disliked.

Until then,

Dan Guglielmo 😀

About the Author

I'm a Sophomore at SUNY Oswego where my studies focus within the Cognitive Science field, with a minor in Health Studies. I'm a fan of horror movies, but an even bigger fan of Nutella.
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