Finals Week = STRESS Week

Although I’m sure I’m not the only one, I find it bittersweet that it’s the end of the semester.

First, I’m excited that I get to go home for Winter Break and Christmas and New Years and all that good stuff.  But then again there’s an obstacle we all must overcome to get there: finals.

How do you guys combat your stress?  Yesterday I made a very organized to-do list with all due dates for my classes and I feel it’s really helping me stay organized and on top of all my final due dates for classwork.

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I'm a Sophomore at SUNY Oswego where my studies focus within the Cognitive Science field, with a minor in Health Studies. I'm a fan of horror movies, but an even bigger fan of Nutella.
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One thought on “Finals Week = STRESS Week

  1. I hang out in the library to do work, its nearby to everywhere else on campus, and usually its easy to take a break between long work seshes and talk to friends for a bit!


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