Bill Pullmen, the name sounds familiar? Besides his theatre credits, he appeared  in several movies including, “Spaceballs”. Not a movie fan? Maybe you had heard his name as a punchline of  a joke on the TV show “American Dad” or “The Simpsons”.

The entire festival was excited to hear that actor, Bill Pullmen, was going to be our keynote speaker. Not only was he speaking to us, but he was to be teaching us as well. Mr. Pullmen made appearances in workshops, and to our fellow Oswego Theatre Majors surprise, he responded to the directing scenes as well. To have a professional actor give advice and feedback to budding artists was truly an amazing opportunity.

Keynote Speach

The SDC Competition was a new addition on the festival this year. We had two students from Oswego who participated in the Stage Directors and Choreographers Competition. Keegan Bushey and Kevin Hollenbeck, along with Oswego actors (6 in total) presented their scenes to professional directors (and Bill Pullman). Once the actors heard that Bill Pullman was going to be watching their scenes, nerves set in knowing they were to perform for a professional actor. All of that aside, Bill Pullman did indeed like their scenes, and our students learned a lot during the competition.

Stage Directors & Choreographers

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