Ice Effects Interview with Brittany Hoffmann

When I was told that the Oswego State Ice Effects team went to Nationals this year, my first reaction was apparently on-point with the rest of the student bodies’: “What team is that?”

“Most people have no idea that we have a skating team,” said Hoffmann, as I let out a collective sigh of relief knowing that I wasn’t alone on the subject. “You and probably everyone else in this room.”

The thing is, even though I had no idea about anything related to skating or the Ice Effects team, I walked away from this interview thoroughly impressed with everything that I had heard. Read on to learn more about Brittany, the Ice Effects team and the Disney Program here at SUNY Oswego… Continue reading

The Intro…

Before I even get into anything about myself, I’d like to give a quick “Thank You (!)” to everyone that continues to read this blog from here on out. My mission is to provide information about SUNY Oswego Athletic/Recreation events to anyone and everyone that is even the least bit curious.


…And now it’s time to talk about ME! (Toby Keith?) Also, I give you my word that this will be the only time I talk about myself to this length ever again.



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