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Before I even get into anything about myself, I’d like to give a quick “Thank You (!)” to everyone that continues to read this blog from here on out. My mission is to provide information about SUNY Oswego Athletic/Recreation events to anyone and everyone that is even the least bit curious.


…And now it’s time to talk about ME! (Toby Keith?) Also, I give you my word that this will be the only time I talk about myself to this length ever again.



Hello everyone and welcome to my SUNY Oswego Student Blog. I felt it was only appropriate to give a quick introduction about myself, so all you (future) loyal readers can put a face and personality behind the myriad of words that will be flowing across your computer screen, or cell-phone screen…or tablet screen. Well, whatever screen you decide to read this on I promise to make it worth your while and I hope to peak your interest with SUNY Oswego Sports all throughout the next semester. Now, lets start with some basics.


My name is Mike Lang, I am a Senior, and currently study Marketing here at SUNY Oswego. This will be my third semester here, and my first with the Social Media team. I graduated high school from Bishop Grimes, which is located in East Syracuse, New York, and I graduated from junior college with an Associates Degree from Mohawk Valley Community College, located in Utica, New York.



 Whoever took this picture made me look extremely talented, so props to them. Also, please disregard my un-zipped fly…embarassing.


I played three sports in high school (football/basketball/baseball) and wound up playing baseball in college (I would have played basketball if I could, but baseball was what I was best at.) Nonetheless, I loved every second of playing sports at all levels. In fact, pretty much all of my best memories from high school and college involve playing sports. There aren’t many things in life than can equate to sharing a moment with a bunch of your teammates, which in turn become your proverbial brothers. For me, the previous statement kind of held true for high school, but it wasn’t until college when I really started cherishing these moments and memories for a few reasons:


1) College was when I truly started to understand the in-depth strategies and intricacies of baseball. I don’t want to say I didn’t care in high school, but I really wasn’t aware of the many  things I know now. All I wanted to do was just play the game and go eat somewhere after.

Once I got to college it was a huge reality check. It wasn’t about simply playing and eating anymore – it was about studying the game, lifting weights, remembering tons of signals, working on your skills every day of the year, etc. All I ever wanted in high school was to hopefully hit some home runs and get a Tully’s Tender dinner afterward, so you can all see why I was flustered once I got to college. Since now everyone on the team was more detail-oriented, we all grew closer as we helped each other reach our goals for the year.

2) For the most part, you actually live with a handful of teammates. Not only are you with them 4+ hours a day on the baseball field, but you have to be around them off the field as well.


My actual baseball career at MV was less than stellar, and may or may not be considered laughable. But, I did have some great moments on and off the field and I will most definitely cherish them for a long time.


Once I got to SUNY Oswego I realized that my life was literally baseball 24/7 and I was paying no attention to my future (not to discourage anyone from trying a sport – this was my own fault.) I decided to stop playing baseball and really start to focus on school. It wasn’t until this past summer that I chose to go in the direction of Marketing and Social Media, but so far i’ve been learning a lot, and every day that goes by I’m realizing that the path of Marketing and Social Media is the correct path for me.


At the end of this I’ll list of a bunch of interests and things I like to do with my spare time, along with links to my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the SUNY Oswego Twitter account. I also will be posting on the SUNY Oswego Instagram account, so give those all a follow. Thanks again for reading if you made it this far, and I hope to bring you a bunch of great content on SUNY Oswego Sports!


Also, if anyone has any questions about ANYTHING, for gods sake do not hesitate to ask.



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-Social Media

-My basketball league at home with my friends (favorite time of year)


-All things sports and WWE (anyone wants to talk sports or wrestling please let me know, especially about WWE)


-Video Games

-Music (mostly rock and hip-hop, but i’ll try anything once.) Also I have no idea where that Toby Keith reference came from in the beginning of the post.







About the Author

Currently a Senior at SUNY Oswego in the Marketing Department and currently a Social Media Intern for the Spring 2013 semester. Went to Mohawk Valley Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies. Played Basketball and Football in High School; Baseball in both High School and Junior College. My interests are sports, music, friends and of course, social media. I am here to bring everyone information on SUNY Oswego Athletics.
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