Intramurals/Club Sports/Recreation Activities

SUNY Oswego offers a variety of intramural events, club sports and recreation opportunities. Here are a few details regarding these activities at Oswego…




Click Here to go to the link on the SUNY Oswego website detailing intramurals. On this page, you will see a variety of information – but the most important is the sign up information, and the “master schedule.”

The service Oswego uses for intramurals is called IMLeagues (Click Here for the IMLeague website.) If a student wants to participate in an intramural sport, they must first register on the IMLeague website. There is a lot to do on the IMLeague website once you sign up – you can:

-sign up for a specific team

-browse different teams

-message the captain on a team you wish to join

-look at others’ “player cards”

-look at schedules

-look at videos/pictures

-see top performers


There are also other announcements. For example, right now there is an announcement letting everyone know they can join an NCAA Bracket Challenge.

The events that are available to join on the IMLeague website for SUNY Oswego are not necessarily all sports. The events can range from basketball, dodgeball and broomball (broomball is very popular at SUNY Oswego) – to sewing, texas hold-em, and an event called “Color Oswego,” which is a fun run and walk. As you can see, there are tons of events for anybody that wants to get involved on campus, and yes, the events change depending on the semester.



Club Sports

Click Here to go to the page on the Oswego website which details club sports. There is a description and instructions all on that page, so I will not get into much here except by saying again, there is something to join for basically anyone’s taste.



Open Recreation

Click Here to go to the page detailing Oswego’s open recreation policies. There is also a “master schedule” on here for all recreation hours.


Here is where you can see all the indoor and outdoor events that SUNY Oswego has to offer. Some avenues for recreation are Lee Hall, Swetman Gym, the Lee fields and Karate studio. Also, don’t forget that campus recreation is always hiring, so if a student is looking for a job, campus recreation is certainly a good start for what promises to be a fun and enjoyable job while one is at school.



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Currently a Senior at SUNY Oswego in the Marketing Department and currently a Social Media Intern for the Spring 2013 semester. Went to Mohawk Valley Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies. Played Basketball and Football in High School; Baseball in both High School and Junior College. My interests are sports, music, friends and of course, social media. I am here to bring everyone information on SUNY Oswego Athletics.
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