Another Summer In Oswego

So I’m a couple weeks into my second summer in Oswego and I love it just as much as last year. Everyone complains about the Oswego cold, but if most students were here in the summer they would be astonished at the amazing weather.
Summer in Oswego slows everything down. There are no 12 hour days that consist of class to class to meeting to class. There are no 5 day forecasts of snow, just you, the sun and the atmosphere. It actually gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful campus we have.

Another summer in Oswego also means another set of orientation sessions. Last year, I found it interesting to observe the parents and freshman. I surprisingly went through orientation 3 years ago and it feels like just yesterday I got lost trying to find Hart hall while standing right in front of the campus center.
Although this will be my last summer in Oswego, I will never forget the beauty that lies within this season.

Dear Old Chris,

Sometimes I look at the past and wonder how did I get where I am today? I am usually amazed at how far I’ve come. I’m now a junior in college, senior bound in a couple of months.

I have no idea of what I’m going to do after I finish my bachelor’s degree, but everytime¬†I look at this old picture of myself, it calms me down and out everythinginto perspective. So if anyone else is¬†stressed about the future, or their job or their classes. I hope you fint hat one thing that de-stresses you when you feel overwhelmed.

It’s been a while

WOW! SO I haven’t written a blog in a while. But it’s never to too late to share my thoughts. This semester has been my most hectic one yet. I feel like I had the most stress I’ve ever experienced in my life. So much stress that I don’t even have the energy to stress about finals week. Finals week is where everyone stresses out, cries, screams, and contemplates dropping out of school and living in their parent’s basement for the rest of their life.

But I would not change the stress and craziness of college for anything. I think I have learned the most about people, and the way others think. I’ve learned that you can give someone advice all day long, but at the end of the day they will do what they choose fit. People can hear you, but no be listening. And that the simplest misunderstanding can snowball into World War III. But at the end of the day, conflict, stress, arguments, and complete madness must exist in order for there to be balance in the world.

“Every day is a new opportunity to grow a little more.”¬†– Chris McPherson



“Today, I give thanks to the thing that has brought me through a lot. Years ago I met you and you changed my life forever. Though we lost each other a couple of times, we always found our way back. When I’m having a rough day, I go to you to make me feel better. Sometimes I get so rapped up in you, I ignore my friends and other people in my life. Everyday I walk out the door with you and when I don’t my entire day is out of place. You know me more than any one else.”

You all may be thinking who I am talking about. This is obviously a tribute to my iPod. Music is one of the only things that keeps me sane. D on my exam? Pop the headphones in and sing “What’s My Name” by Rihanna and Drake (new song of the week) on the way home. Still owe $1000 in tuition? Stride to some Stevie Wonder on my way to Culkin. Lost my cellphone? Dougie my way to University Police. Almost everry hardship I have faced in my life, I press played and somehow everything turned out right. SO I say thank you iPod touch.¬†Six years from this Saturday is when I received my first iPod as a birthday present, and my life will be forever changed.

So when your walking down the street, whip out your iPod and play some tunes. You never know how your perspective on life may change.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I must say, this has been one of my BUSIEST semesters at Oswego. And it’s all my fault. My schedule is usually jam packed¬†but I always manage to add something else into the mix. Not only do¬†I have three jobs, but I also end up doing side projects and volunteer assignments, while also going to weekly ALANA(African Asian Latino Native American Alliance) meetings. I have also tried to become a part of the film club and¬†Colleges Against Cancer, but have failed so far. I just want to experience everything this school has to offer, but sooner or later I am going to have to stop.¬†¬†I haven’t even had the chance to play with my new camera the Pentax K-x. It’s only a matter of time until my extracurricular start affecting my school work. And I guess then,¬† and only then, gain the motivation to stop.¬†So until next time Oswego. Hopefully I can master the art of mega-multi-tasking.¬† Have a good week(end)!

By the way, photography is a hobby of mine. I have my own website if you would like to check some photos out.

a random piece of home.


So I just realized that I have not been home since March. I thought this wouldn’t bother me, but it has slowly began bother me. i loved spending my summer in Oswego. And it went by so fast, I didn’t even get¬† chance to go home for a weekend. Usually, I wait until Thanksgiving to go home, but I may just pop on over home and surprise my mother. I mean, it’s only a 6 hour greyhound trip and a an entire day of travel. When i think about it, traveling is what kept me from going home. I love being back home and I love being in Oswego, but I DESPISE traveling back and forth. Sitting on the Amtrak train or that greyhound bus for hours is no bueno.
Hopefully I can see Brooklyn sometime soon before November.
By the way, Gospel Choir Saturdays 1-3pm TYLER HALL rm 102.