“Today, I give thanks to the thing that has brought me through a lot. Years ago I met you and you changed my life forever. Though we lost each other a couple of times, we always found our way back. When I’m having a rough day, I go to you to make me feel better. Sometimes I get so rapped up in you, I ignore my friends and other people in my life. Everyday I walk out the door with you and when I don’t my entire day is out of place. You know me more than any one else.”

You all may be thinking who I am talking about. This is obviously a tribute to my iPod. Music is one of the only things that keeps me sane. D on my exam? Pop the headphones in and sing “What’s My Name” by Rihanna and Drake (new song of the week) on the way home. Still owe $1000 in tuition? Stride to some Stevie Wonder on my way to Culkin. Lost my cellphone? Dougie my way to University Police. Almost everry hardship I have faced in my life, I press played and somehow everything turned out right. SO I say thank you iPod touch. Six years from this Saturday is when I received my first iPod as a birthday present, and my life will be forever changed.

So when your walking down the street, whip out your iPod and play some tunes. You never know how your perspective on life may change.

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Christopher McPherson is a senior double major in creative writing and journalism. His interests include photography and student involvement.
Email: cmcphers@oswego.edu
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