Wait, GISH-what?

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have updated. My life as a college student has been crazy and I have barely had time to breathe. I’m sure all of you have been the same, what with midterms and studying and partying.

But this entry is going to be about something that I’m sure many of you have no idea about.

This past week I participated in something called GISHWHES or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It’s pronounced [Gee-shuh-wez] for those of you who want to go yell it at the tops of your lungs. This is basically an event where teams all over the world complete various items to get points.

Now this isn’t a normal scavenger hunt like “Find a lawn gnome in someone’s yard and take a picture.” No, the items for this are more like, “Carve out a some squash, place them on your feet and go for a nice jog in the middle of a busy sidewalk.”

Needless to say this week was nuts and so much fun. I met many new friends and we all bonded over the total craziness that was GISHWHES.

Now you are probably saying, “Hannah, why would you subject yourself to that?” Well first off, it is fun to make an idiot of yourself every once in a while. I mean, how many people can say that they walked around a grocery store with 50 stuffed animals in their cart? I can.

Second of all, it is run by my favorite actor, Misha Collins. Who happened to be on my shirt for my first vlog entry. He is from Supernatural and is completely crazy and wonderful. While he is a total nut he is one of the most caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

He is knee deep in all different kinds of charities and is always trying to raise money for people in need. His main charity is Random Acts of Kindness and he always is encouraging people to donate money and to commit random acts of kindness.

And it just so happens that one of the items for GISHWHES was to film yourself doing a Random Act of Kindness. My friend and I did this item and we went out with all the athletes to rake leaves for the elderly. That’s my wonderful tennis team in the photo!


Which leads to the third reason which is that most of the proceeds go to Random Acts which is wonderful because there are thousands of people across the globe that are participating in this and we raise great amounts of money!

Another thing that Misha used GISHWHES for was to break the world record of the most pledges to Random Acts of Kindness. The previous record was about 73,000. Misha wanted to not only break this record but smash it and shatter it by reaching 100,000 pledges. And as of last night at midnight(the end of the hunt) we had gotten over 104,000 pledges. Things like that just totally amaze me. How so many people can come together and make such a difference. I’m so proud of all my fellow GISHWHESIANS(that’s what we call ourselves)

Lastly the prize for the first place team is that they will be flown to Scotland to spend the night in a haunted castle with Misha, all expenses paid for. I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out in a giant Scottish castle with their favorite actor?!

So that’s a short entry over why I’m in love with GISHWHES. And I really wish I could share pictures and videos with you right now but I’m not allowed to until the winners are picked! As soon as that happens I’ll be sure to post enough photos to make your sides split with laughter.

I encourage you all to look into it for next year! I promise it will at least be an amazing experience and at most it will completely change your life! Who knows who you’ll meet!

Also! Don’t forget to vote!!

“The [right] to vote is the cornerstone of our freedom! Use it or lost it!” -My Grandma

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