The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

             Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time were even the obnoxious neighbors are hold up in there room, and the bars have to come up with a new way to pay their bills. “For what” you may ask, Finals. Though some classes may be more lax than others there is still so much to study for. Though you may feel like its time to exhale but I would suggest you don’t get too elated since finals week is the time that defines whether you get the chance to come back next semester. Though it may seem like college lore, there are quite a few people who don’t come back and they are not always the worst students. Even the upper classmen aren’t immune to the wrath of finals; though there previous grades act as a buffer they have a higher GPA requirement. So, for freshmen I want to say especially study hard get some sleep and good luck (you got this far).

About the Author

I am a junior chemistry major form Brooklyn, NY. I am a laboratory assistant, student researcher in the biochemistry lab, Chemistry Club President, and a McNair scholar.
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