Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give UP

:::Heavy Sigh::

People are saying “the semester is almost over!!!! I’m so excited” but in a way for me THIS IS the semester. I have the biggest exam of the sem on Tuesday. Right after two OTHER exams is the dreaded Chemistry: Environmental & Public Concern final. Anyone and everyone I’ve spoken to at some point in these last 4 1/2 months has heard me bemoan about this class. It’s been the thorn in my side, the dirty little mud on my clean and pristine GPA avg.

Chemistry by far isn’t my strongest subject in fact next to math its the worse! All semester I’ve been behind in class and on exams. However  I’ve tried to work even harder. I’ve done the extra credit when I rather be home, kept my eyes glued to the power point slides most of all ,I’ve not given up .

So this Tuesday after all the in mental strain and hoola hoops my mind will have been put through for the first few finals. I will once again walk into the classroom , anxiety sky high, confidence fluctuating between thoughts of “I’ve prepared for this I’m good” & “OMG this test this test this test” and I will face chemistry for the last time. For all the marbles(30% of final grade) and I’ll put to rest one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced since I’ve arrived. I’ll win though because.

I didn’t give up….I Never gave up


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Kwame Belle is a senior journalism major and arts management minor at SUNY Oswego. He is also a member of the Sigma Pi chapter of the National Communication Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta.
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