So Far……

So it’s been over a month since I moved into The Village, and love it (well kinda). I love that I don’t have to keep my whole life in my room (ex: toiletries, towels, food, coats, laundry supplies). I also love that when everyone is burning up in the heat, I’m relaxing in the central air.

But one downside is that the Village is only for a certain of person. I am EXTREMELY social and I love to meet new people. Whereas the Village is place where you are really only going to be interacting with your housemates. Because of this, I am barely at home. Though I love when I am there, I can’t be trapped in my house and secluded from the world. I’m not that type of person.
But I think everyone should see for themselves if they will like it our not. To each his/her own.

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Christopher McPherson is a senior double major in creative writing and journalism. His interests include photography and student involvement.
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