Do you care about the environment? I want some answers :)

Hi, everyone,

So, a lot of the work I do on campus and via blogs and articles and such is to promote environmental living. But, I feel like when people hear the word “environmental” and “sustainable” they shut down or they just write it off as a movement. I’m just curious though…. how many people really care about the environment and if you do care, what issues do you care most about and what gets your attention?

This is kinda like a poll: I’d like to know what sort of environmental issues you guys care about and that gets your attention if you run across it in the news or in general conversations.

Please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m SO CURIOUS!

* How much do you care about pollution?
* What do you think about trying to find renewable resources instead of relying on oil? Does this even cross your mind?
* What do you think about recycling, do you do you it when it’s convenient (like the bin is right next to you), or do you go out of your way to recycle, or do you even recycle at all?
* When you hear about climate change, do you think it exists? Same thing about global warming, do you “believe” in it?
* If someone asked you to mention an environmental problem we are facing RIGHT THIS INSTANT, what would you say?
* Do any thoughts cross your mind during the day that are along the lines of “wow the environment is kinda getting bad,” or “I wonder what all this talk is of climate change?,” or “why is all this trash on the ground?”
* What would you say are the top five environmental problems facing us right now?

Some questions about your involvement:

* If you see trash on the ground, do you pick it up? 1) always, 2) sometimes, 3) rarely, 4) never (that’s gross!)
* Do you recycle or compost or buy organic or from a farmer’s market?
* Do you talk about environmental problems with your family or friends?
* Do you care about the environment and not know what to do? Or do you just don’t care because you a) don’t think it’s a big problem, or b) don’t think that we can do anything about it if there were any environmental problems

For those of you who take the time to look at this note, I REALLY appreciate it. I am so curious, like I said, and I want to know if all the work I’m putting into informing people about the environment is actually worth it..

Thank you so much everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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Jr. SUNY Oswego Journalism major Global Studies Minor Environmental activist, cultural advocate, uninhibited dancer, singer, writer, traveler.
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