So I thought it would be a good idea to spend my summer in Oswego. During the summer, it was. I spent time with friends. Went to Six Flags for free(courtesy of SAPB). Had my usuual three jobs all while taking two online classes. My summer was one of the best.

But now that it is over and the regular semester has started. I’m finding it mighty hard to re-adjust. The sun is about to set before 8pm, I have to go to class and listen to professors lecture and all while going to my three jobs. I think having such a good summer doesn’t pay off when you have two weeks to re-adjust back to real life. But then again, who can complain? I mean, I do live in the Village. (Village post to come.)

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Christopher McPherson is a senior double major in creative writing and journalism. His interests include photography and student involvement.
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