Bill Pullmen, the name sounds familiar? Besides his theatre credits, he appeared  in several movies including, “Spaceballs”. Not a movie fan? Maybe you had heard his name as a punchline of  a joke on the TV show “American Dad” or “The Simpsons”.

The entire festival was excited to hear that actor, Bill Pullmen, was going to be our keynote speaker. Not only was he speaking to us, but he was to be teaching us as well. Mr. Pullmen made appearances in workshops, and to our fellow Oswego Theatre Majors surprise, he responded to the directing scenes as well. To have a professional actor give advice and feedback to budding artists was truly an amazing opportunity.

Keynote Speach

The SDC Competition was a new addition on the festival this year. We had two students from Oswego who participated in the Stage Directors and Choreographers Competition. Keegan Bushey and Kevin Hollenbeck, along with Oswego actors (6 in total) presented their scenes to professional directors (and Bill Pullman). Once the actors heard that Bill Pullman was going to be watching their scenes, nerves set in knowing they were to perform for a professional actor. All of that aside, Bill Pullman did indeed like their scenes, and our students learned a lot during the competition.

Stage Directors & Choreographers

KCACTF 2010, Region II

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival is an annual event that celebrates excellence in college theatre. This past week students in our theatre department took part in festival 42 (that’s right, 42 years!). Over the next few weeks I will be posting video blogs giving you all a glimpse into what goes on at the festival. This year, we had students competing in Directing, Design, and Dramaturgy, while attending workshops, and participating in side projects. OSU was not only represented by the students, but the staff as well. Judy McCabe, our costume shop supervisor, ran a workshop attended by students from other schools. Last year we brought Honor And The River to the festival to be performed for the entire region. This year was a different experience, but an overall great one!

Here is the first video,


Light Focus

Before the set can be brought in,  Lighting Designer Chris VerSchneider needed to focus each and every light instrument on the grid. Chris, the Master Electrician Beca Schretzlmeir, and the light crew spent countless hours Friday night making sure that each instrument was focused where it needed to be in the space.


Chris gives direction as to where the beam of light needs to be


Mike makes communicates with the Master Electrician Below


Chris makes sure that the shutter on the instrument block the light that is past the red and green line.

ACT 1, SCENE 3: Make-Up Workshop

    This past weekend our actors had a make-up workshop with our costume and make-up designer, Kitty Macey. This is a chance for the actors to learn how to put on their specific make-up so that the task of getting ready runs smoothly. It also gives the designer and director a chance to see what the make-up will look like so both can decide on the right look for the actor. Since the actors will be extremely close to the audience, the actors will need to use  the technique of shading to show age.


Kitty Macey gives instruction to Knate Roy, who plays Andrew Borden


Kim, who is playing Emma Borden

Director, Keegan gives some tips…

Halloween as a Theatre Major

     This past Halloween was rewarding in more ways than one with the Blackfriars Theatre Organization, here on campus. Blackfriars is an organization that brings together not only Theatre Majors, but all of those across campus who are interested in theatre.

     Members of Blackfriars participated in trick-or-treat for UNICEF


     We raised enough money to to provide school supplies for 40 children, and water for dozens more.


    Blackfriars also held a costume contest earlier that day, the following are a few favorites;


Sam Austin, and his very hairy costume


Rosie the Riveter!


Melanie as a Strawberry Beverage

ACT 1, SCENE 2: The Skeleton Block.

Due to our crew hanging lights this week in the lab theatre, the director has moved rehearsals to a classroom in Tyler Hall. I am pleased to announce that as of last night, all skeleton blocking is complete! Tonight we will begin running each act, the director will make any necessaryadjustments to blocking, and the actors will continue to shape and develop their characters.


Knate Roy (Andrew Borden), looks over his script


Sarah Sterling (Abby Borden), listening carefully to her fellow actors


SM, Aaron, and ASM, Todd focus on adjusting blocking notes


Director Keegan leads a discussion, Knate and Danny thinking about the upcomming scene

The Theatre Department Tea

The Theatre Department recently hosted the annual “Department Tea” at Fallbrook here in Oswego. The Tea is a chance to socialize with faculty and peers outside of class. Each member of the faculty and staff brings goodies (fruit, cookies, cheesecake, etc.), tea and coffee are served, and anecdotes are shared.


Dr. Jessica Hester’s story grabs the attention of majors Logan, Todd, and Courtney


Erik and Olivia in discussion while Stephanie enjoys her cookie.


Jessica and Craig in deep thought while Aaron is in deep thought.