Two Women Lakers Invade Paris :)

So this week was pretty normal…except I started another class this week.  It is called Interculturality, studying cultural differences between France and the United States.  Already it has been my favorite class, it is so interesting.  In my Education of Non-french speaking students class, I realized yet another cultural difference between France and the US.  Since the history of the USA is so short, we learn a lot about how our county was started through immigration and the effects on the industry, the effects on the citizens of the country and the struggles that immigrants face.  Although, immigration is minimal in France’s long history, and in high school students don’t learn as much about immigration.  So we spent a whole class learning about immigration and I was so bored, but I am in a class with graduate students and we actually needed to spend a whole class learning about immigration.  Talk about major cultural differences.

Erica Shapey, one of my hockey teammates who is studying in Barcelona this semester, came to visit Paris this weekend.  She arrived on Thursday night, it was pretty late so we just went back to my apartment for the night. 

On Friday, I gave her a tour of Paris.  We started near my apartment and went to Montmartre and the Sacre-Coeur. 
sacre coeur
 It wasn’t as busy since it was a Friday, but it was beautiful as always.  Then we walked down the street to the Moulin Rouge, it is always fun walking from Montmartre to the Moulin Rouge and walking through the Red-Light District during the day.   
moulin rouge

After that we took the Metro to the champs-elysees and the arc de triomphe. (see below) 
arc de triomphe
We made our way down the champs elysees stopping at some stores and getting little tartlettes with raspberries.  We walked all the way to the place de la concorde past the obelisk. (see below)
 and the madeleine
to the Opera Garnier. 

After we did some sight-seeing we did some shopping.  Of course in paris one must shop and eat yummy food.  Later that night we went to a birthday party that my French friends were having for one of their friends.  It was so fun and we had a great time. 

Saturday we went to the eiffel tower, Twice!  haha We had to go during the day and at night because it is very different both times!

(Note to self: Instert Pic of Tiff and Shapey at Eiffel Tower) 🙂

Take a look for yourself:

day eiffel towernight eiffel tower

So awesome, but so crazy how the same thing can be so different!

And of course the view from the tippy top of the eiffel tower, sorry its a little blurry:

view from eiffel tower

We are very far from home…
home far

So besides the eiffel tower on Saturday we did more shopping and we saw the Louvre and we went to dinner and it was so french and so fabulous!!!!!!!! Later we hung out with one of my French friends at La Batorfar, its a club on a boat! It was really fun and of course so European! 

Before Erica left on Sunday we took one last trip to Montmartre to get one last Crepe before she left and enjoyed eating them on the steps of the Sacre Coeur!  I had such a fun weekend and it was so nice to see a familiar face, but it reminded me of how much I miss hockey and Oswego!!!!

us in paris

Oh big news for me, I had a job interview for babysitting a little girl here in paris and I got a phone call today and I got the job!  I start tomorrow and I am so excited to be working and going to school in Paris!  What an experience!

Well that should do it for now.  This week seems to be more about pictures.  But what use is telling about all the sights we saw if I didn’t include pictures.  Enjoy!!!!

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