I missed out on the opportunity to become a Zombie!

Around this time of the year I always see some of my peers walking around so strangely as if they are in a battle field hiding from someone,  I noticed this last year and again this year. I never really understood it, some of them would be in full gear as if it’s a costume for Halloween others would walk around with huge toy guns, darts, and even rope sometimes. It all seemed so weird to me, I wondered last year what was going on? I never really paid too much attention, but the only thing I knew was whenever I saw someone running for their life, I knew that they were playing Human vs. Zombies, and I knew to get out of their way fast!  I thought wow, where do college students find all this time to have so much fun to run around the campus from each other. From the outside the game looks like an intense man hunt (if you ever played that game you would know exactly what I am talking about). One day I was walking through the campus center and I noticed that there was a sign that said:  “Sign up table for Humans vs. Zombies” In my head I was thinking “are you serious? Again I have to see my peers running around on campus having all the fun in the world! My goodness, I have to admit watching them play this game makes me so jealous, I mean this is intense, it is serious.  In between classes I see some of them running for their lives, hiding, and even hunting their next victim. As crazy as it seems I wish I was a part of it, what a way to have some fun! I had to blog about this because I was thinking to myself today if I was playing I would be a zombie for sure!  why didn’t I sign up?  It just looks so fun I could imagine myself playing this game with a bunch of my friends I could imagine how much fun we will have. Besides what other time in the world will you ever get to be a zombie on a college campus? I can’t believe I missed out on the opportunity to become a zombie! 🙁

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Hello my name is Sherrifa Bailey, I am from Brooklyn, New York. I am a junior majoring in Public Justice and Psychology with a minor in Forensic Science. One of my favorite things to do will have to be dancing. I love to dance!! Along with that, I love my familyand friends, going through new experiences, and definitely travelling the world!!!!
Email: sbailey@oswego.edu
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3 thoughts on “I missed out on the opportunity to become a Zombie!

  1. i understand, its like sometimes you want to just let loose and be part of the crowd but may not have the time and i guess in a way its like, some days they wish they could sign up to be sherrifa and be part of an organization or club…. but don’t…. maybe a zombie missed out on a chance to be a sherrifa one day so don’t feel too bad 😉 and i swear canarsie was the best place to play manhunt lmao

  2. Hello I am a mom and me and my daughter live in Queens NY.
    I was interested in Oswego for my daughter, but she is a little apprehensive I was wondering if you could share some pro and cons about the school and environment and what ever else you believe to be important.
    Thank you so much Sorry I dont have a comment about your Blog

  3. I would have to say every experience is definitely what you make of it. Oswego is a beautiful place, and after looking back I would have to say that I could not see myself anywhere else. I am from Brooklyn, NY and I know that your daughter fears and worries maybe extremely high. Oswego is completely different from NYC, it is much quiet and less busy, however it didn’t take me long to adjust, the different atmosphere will give you much time to slow your pace and find a balance. The town is really small, however there are a variety of things to do; there are places for shopping, fun activities, and places to take care of business. Students also utilize the bus services to go to Syracuse which is not too far away when they want a little extra.
    Our campus is beautiful especially in the summer and spring time we are located right on Lake Ontario, I must say the winter and the snow is a killer it will be nothing that you are familiar with… Come prepared: Uggs, Timberlands, North Face, Gloves, and all. But after your first two experiences you will get used to it. Our campus provides endless opportunities for students, I would certainly recommend visiting if you can. Our Orientation program is an excellent program that really works with students and their parents to really help them to adjust and understand their new environment; I honestly must admit I fell in love at orientation. I was an orientation leader and from my experience I see how the advisors and orientation team commit and dedicate their time to make the First Year experience a smooth transition during orientation and even after.
    The opportunities here are endless it will be up to you to take full advantage, get connected with your professors, advisors, and your peers. There are a variety of clubs and activities and resources available to all of our students. While on campus I did a variety of things and I became involved really fast, and it really came from positive advisors and mentors who were more than willing to help me have a successful college career. Every single faculty member that I encountered here was interested in my success, I made wonderful connections, people are here to point you in the right place, but I will stress it certainly comes from you taking full advantage. Whenever any problems arise there are many resources and services that may assist you. This is the one place where I never felt alone or doomed, and the crazy thing is I was afraid when I entered I was not so sure about my journey or destination, and the opportunities that I encountered are endless, and I am prepared for larger things, and what some like to call “the real world.” Coming to college is like someone throwing a stone at you, you can do one of two things like my father would say “throw the stone back, or collect all the stones thrown at you and build a castle.” So take all the opportunities that are provided for you and build your foundation towards success wherever you go.
    If you have any further questions or concerns you may continue to contact me through my blogs. Thank you very much for considering me to tell you about my experience I will be more than happy to go into any details about anything about SUNY Oswego, it is a wonderful place, and I hope that you may choose to experience the opportunities here.

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